I made a MIPS simulator

AKA MIPS – A Java Based MIPS simulator. Browse the code on GitHub.

On “Looking Backward: 2000 to 1887” by Edward Bellamy

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about “The Sleeper Awakes.” At some point in that book, Graham (the protagonist) compares his situation to that described by Bellamy; and earlier in the book, when he is sound asleep and has only been asleep for a few decades at most, we see his friends talking about the same thing. Curious as I was upon reading that name I chose to google it. (I don’t quite remember exactly what I googled but it was probably something like “Bellamy Socialist Utopia Sleeper.”) I found out that there was a book by an Edward Bellamy called “Looking Backward: 2000 to 1887” in which a man sleeps for somewhere slightly above a century and, you guessed it, wakes up in a world vastly different from the one he slept in. I downloaded that book right away and made a mental note to read it after finishing “The Sleeper Awakes.”

Entropy of life

I know it’s kind of a weird title. I will promptly explain it. Have you ever been in one of those situations where you went ahead and did something without thinking twice only to later regret doing it and spend the next few days brooding over different ways to deal with all possible undesirable consequences of that course of action?

On “The Sleeper Awakes” – H.G. Wells

I don’t exactly remember how I discovered this book. But at least a couple of months ago, I came across the name, looked up the synopsis and downloaded it with the intention of reading it on the first chance. Less than a month ago, on a particular midnight, I was unable to sleep and having little to no desire to take up something educational, I decided to go through my collection of fiction. The H.G. Wells folder caught my eye and I opened it to reveal this book along with a couple of others. Remembering suddenly what it was about, I decided to start reading it.

Explaining Savitar to a noob be like

Me: Hey, Tom Felton made an appearance in the Flash.

They: Who’s that again?

Me: Malfoy.

They: What does he play?

Me: Julian Albert. A CSI working with Barry. But sometimes he gets mind-controlled and takes on the mantle of “Alchemy.”

They: Who controls him?

Me: Savitar.

They: Who’s Savitar?

Me: Barry.

They: Who’s Barry again?

Me: Flash.

They: Why does he control him?

Me: To create evil metahumans.

They: Why?

Me: Because he’s evil.

They: The Flash is evil?

Me: No. Savitar is.

They: You just said Savitar is Flash.

Me: I said he is Barry.

They: And Barry is Flash, right? So..

Me: Savitar is another Barry.

They: Like a clone?

Me: Yes, quite like a clone.

They: Where’d he come from?

Me: The future.

They: So basically, Barry turns evil in the future and goes back in time to fight himself?

Me: No. Barry clones himself in the future and that clone travels in time.

They: Why does he do that?

Me: Because he needs help.

They: With what?

Me: Fighting someone. He creates many clones of himself in the fight. They all die except for one.

They: Who was he fighting?

Me: Barry.

They: What?

Me: He was fighting Savitar.

They: No. You said he created Savitar to fight someone else.

Me: He created a clone to fight Savitar. Then after the fight, he told the clone to go to hell. The clone had no purpose or place. Just endless pain. It drove him crazy and turned him into Savitar.

They: This time travel shit is confusing.

Toggl’s “Building a Horse with Programming” comic explained

If you don’t know what this is about, you should first go and check it out.

SQL Server screwups and how to fix them.

So recently I installed Visual Studio 2017 on a laptop and I installed it with only the ASP.NET and WinForms features. I was working on a webapp and initializing the database when I realized that VS was completely unable to connect to the database. I opened the “SQL Server Object Explorer” and tried to manually connect to the MSSQLLocalDB instance and I got this error.

Who are you?

You’re not your face
Yet it defines you
You’re not your body
Yet it forms you
You’re not your soul
Yet it gives you life
You’re not your thoughts
Yet they drive you

You are none of them
Yet all of them
But none of them
Are all of you.

What would it be like to travel at the speed of light?

Imagine an infinitely long flat runway. You are running through it. At the speed of light. Let’s ignore the effects of relativity and resistance. The visible spectrum is painted on the runway, all the way from the start to the finish, meaning there’s infinitely many shades of all the 7 colors of the rainbow painted on the runway, each one easily distinguishable from the next. Yes, we are also assuming this is possible. An infinite number of trees are planted along the edges of the runway.

Men In Black 2 – The locker and the marble

In Men In Black, we see J and K chasing down Edgar The Bug to recover the “Arquillian Galaxy” which is a minuscle galaxy inside a glass sphere resembling a marble. As the movie ends, the camera zooms out from J’s car and keeps zooming out and eventually we zoom out of the earth, the solar system and finally the galaxy which is  revealed to be inside another glass sphere which is then picked up by some giant being and used as a playing marble alongside countless others.

Yes, Fred and George were definitely bullies.

This post does a great job at explaining how so I am not gonna bother.

Angular vs React vs Vue.JS

This is the shortest and most effective comparison that aims to make the decision making process easier.

Complimenting Complements

This post assumes familiarity with “Two’s Complement”, “One’s Complement”  and an understanding of “Positional Numeral Systems”.

Sybill Trelawney

Sybill Trelawney, the Divination teacher at Hogwarts, was poorly received by her fellow staff, her students and the fans of her universe for reasons that all translate to “She was a fraud. She wasn’t a true seer and therefore not an eligible candidate for the job.” I however have always had a very different opinion about her. I believe that not only was she not a fraud but also a perfect candidate for the job, not to mention the fact that she did actually possess a gift.

The Final Sentence

I’ve been reading books, more than I’ve been reading lately, lately. Very often, I read them onscreen. A while back, I was starting with H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine” and the PDF I found had about somewhere slightly above a hundred pages in it and it made me wonder if that was actually the whole book and not a truncated version and so I googled for the last sentence of the book to see if it matched the one in the PDF.

Rewriting Legacy Code

I once wrote an answer on Quora about the improbability of a programming language to completely die out once it has gained popularity. The idea, not so original, was that there are two factors preventing a language from dying:

Comparing strings with “==” operator vs “.equals” method [Java]

During lunch, I was reflecting on that day when my programming teacher asked me to come forward and teach “bitwise” operations to the whole class, and I remembered how, in my attempt to explain to them the basic difference between a regular “OR” and a bitwise “OR”, I had talked about value comparison being different from a bitwise comparison. Then I began to wonder. A bitwise operation on machine level is fairly simple to understand, but what about value comparison? What is it that happens at machine level when you check if two integer values are equal?

Messing around in the Pottermore group

I’ve been part of this Pottermore fb group, for a long now, that’s primarily dominated by Indians. The average member of that group is a fairly intellectual fan-girl with a lot of emotion. Now the thing about that emotion is that it shows the most when someone challenges your belief about the characters by lashing at the ones you love and praising the ones you hate.

David Carson on JS

The dirty little secret is that most “modern JavaScript development” is nothing to do with actually building websites – it’s building packages that can be used by people who build libraries that can be used by people who build frameworks that people who write tutorials and teach courses can teach.

I’m not sure anyone is actually building anything for actual users to interact with. – David Carson

Die Verwandlung

I just finished reading Franz Kafka’s “Die Verwandlung,” translated into “The Metamorphosis” by Stanley Corngold. Before I even started reading it, I’d told my classmate about how it seemed like a weird one — something I’d deduced from its synopsis — and he’d responded with “Franz Kafka’s works tend to be.”

What if logic isn’t actually all that logical?

Logic, science, reason, all of it is what? Rules that always hold true for everything that they are defined for. But who really defines them? We do. Who comes up with them? We do. And what are they based on? Observation.

Linus on C++

C++ is a horrible language. It's made more horrible by the fact that a lot 
of substandard programmers use it...

In other words, the only way to do good, efficient, and system-level and 
portable C++ ends up to limit yourself to all the things that are 
basically available in C.

In general, I'd say that anybody who designs his kernel modules for C++ is 
 (a) looking for problems
 (b) a C++ bigot that can't see what he is writing is really just C anyway
 (c) was given an assignment in CS class to do so.

Feel free to make up (d).

How GoDaddy robbed me.

Humble request to all readers: Share this post.

What the hell?

So I was minding my own business in my humble abode when I receive an email. A quick look at my phone’s notification bar tells me that it was from the admissions counselor (, let’s call her Daisy,) of a college that had accepted me. I wasn’t at all surprised because the decision day for that college had just passed and I hadn’t shared mine at all.

Let there be light

The tendency of modern physics is to resolve the whole material universe into waves, and nothing but waves. These waves are of two kinds: bottled-up waves, which we call matter, and unbottled waves, which we call radiation or light. If annihilation of matter occurs, the process is merely that of unbottling imprisoned wave-energy and setting it free to travel through space. These concepts reduce the whole universe to a world of light, potential or existent, so that the whole story of its creation can be told with perfect accuracy and completeness in the six words: ‘God said, Let there be light’. – James Jeans

Did Nokia really not do anything wrong? They did.

“We didn’t do anything wrong but somehow we still lost.”

What Coulumb said to Newton.

Charles Augustin de Coulomb: Can I copy your work?
Isaac Newton: Sure. but change it up a bit so that it doesn’t look obvious.
Charles Augustin de Coulomb: Sure.

Spoiler song lyrics in “Amazing Spiderman 2”

I was watching this video, and below it I found this comment:

Richard Parker owned an Ericsson Chatboard CHA-01

I was doing some math when I, for reasons I can’t recall, remembered that scene from “The Amazing Spider-man 2” _in which, among a number of other things, there was a scientific calculator on the floor of Peter’s room. Interested to know what model it was, I googled it and landed on this post . The author identifies it as the _“HP-48GX or a closely related model.” 

What are Sum, Product, and Pi types

Click me!

Monolingual Autism

You can google that if you like and realize that it may not really be a real _thing. _It’s something that I have been observing for a long time and I’m sure you’ve seen or felt it at different points in your life.

Albus Dumbledore’s sacrifices

Let’s get to it. We all know about Dumbledore’s past, and his friendship with Grindelwald and the whole “For the greater good” thing. Not all of us, however, realized the fact that he never stopped living his life by that motto. Albus Dumbledore _always _did everything for the greater good.

If programmers aren’t engineers,

Then neither are bio-engineers.

Never do [insert temporal adverb] what can be done [insert another temporal adverb]

You may be familiar with the 2014 film titled “Predestination,” that involves the most mind-blowing time-loop. While watching it, I didn’t fail to notice this:

If you pretend to love my shitty startup,

I’ll pretend to love your shitty startup.

Batmen Analysis

So, I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time. You see, there’s a whole lot of Batman movies out there along with a good number of _Batmen. _With different actors, playing the same character, in different movie adaptations, there come arguments between fans over the superiority of certain adaptations and portrayals.

Physics jokes

I’ve been casually going through the answers to this question for the past hour. I came across a lot of hilarious ones and an almost equal number of those that are probably hilarious to those that get them. Yes, that does imply that there are quite a lot of them that I don’t get. There used to be more, but I figured them out, all thanks to the internet.

As long as we can tell the “pretty” from the “not-so-pretty,”

we’re all perverts.

Kaspersky OS

First, it’s based on microkernel architecture, which allows to assemble ‘from blocks’ different modifications of the operating system depending on a customer’s specific requirements.

Second, there’s its built-in security system, which controls the behavior of applications and the OS’s modules. In order to hack this platform a cyber-baddie would need to break the digital signature, which – any time before the introduction of quantum computers – would be exorbitantly expensive.

Third, everything has been built from scratch. Anticipating your questions: not even the slightest smell of Linux. All the popular operating systems aren’t designed with security in mind, so it’s simpler and safer to start from the ground up and do everything correctly. Which is just what we did.

If Tony Stark existed,

Elon Musk wouldn’t.

The Tenth Man

When nine people agree on something, it’s the tenth man’s responsibility to disagree no matter how improbable the idea.

“Omelette du fromage”

So, around the time Assasin’s Creed Unity came out, I came across this video. It was quite popular among my friends back then. At 1:18, we see two guys seated on a table facing one another and as something lands on it, one of them says: “Oh no! My omelette du fromage” _at which, Arno pops up and replies: “It’s actually omelette au fromage.” _That’s the first and last time I heard that phrase.

James Mickens on JavaScript

The Dilemma of Programming Languages

So, I’ve been up and laptop-ing for the last two hours or so, and all I’ve been doing is reading one article after another centered on programming languages. A good fraction of those articles lashed on how Javascript sucks. It’s been a lot of continuous reading, all thanks to catchy links located throughout the articles, and at any given time there have been at least 7 tabs (with articles) open at all times. Even as of now, there are exactly seven other tabs, besides Facebook, open in my browser.

“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” – A cursed sequel

The title might be a little too harsh, but I assure you, I’m not the only person who feels that way. I read the script and sometimes I wish I hadn’t. While there are some revelations in it that I like, there are other parts that I just can’t accept are canon.

Stupid to kill someone

if you have a motive. -Jason Statham (The Mechanic)

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

— Wayne Gretzky

Good judgement comes from experience,

which comes from bad judgement.


PHP based real-time dynamic-site-generator. Browse the code on GitHub  Demo

6 Ways the Harry Potter movies are different from the books

Grab a portkey!

The Virtual Reality I want.

There’s something of a silent war going on around us at this time, and it has been going on for quite a while. I know that I wrote “Virtual Reality” in the title, but that’s merely due to the fact that it’s the generally preferred term for all of those projects out there making headsets and goggles, but otherwise this post does cover my ideas about its brothers _that go by the names _“Mixed Reality” and “Augmented Reality.”

Interstellar vs 2001: A Space Odyssey

Ever since it’s release in 2014, Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar”, _has often been compared to Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey.”_

Minimalism and security.

Minimalism helps. It always does. It’s clean, cool, beautiful and relaxing. Oh and it allows for security in software. Every single element in an application, every single feature, every program in an operating system could open doors for attackers to get in through.

Does your personality change when you switch languages?

Lifehack thinks so, and I can’t help but agree. It’s something I have always noticed. Sometimes you switch languages while talking simply because you feel that some things are better said in a particular language.Different languages allow us to express ourselves differently.

Const vs Let vs Var [JavaScript]

Follow me.

Constant pointers vs pointer to constant vs constant pointer to constant.


If telling the truth is deception,

then we are gladly guilty. – Megatron

On being the right size – J.B.S. Haldane

Gravity, a mere nuisance to Christian, was a terror to Pope, Pagan, and Despair. To the mouse and any smaller animal it presents practically no dangers. You can drop a mouse down a thousand-yard mine shaft; and, on arriving at the bottom, it gets a slight shock and walks away, provided that the ground is fairly soft. A rat is killed, a man is broken, a horse splashes. For the resistance presented to movement by the air is proportional to the surface of the moving object. Divide an animal’s length, breadth, and height each by ten; its weight is reduced to a thousandth, but its surface only to a hundredth. So the resistance to falling in the case of the small animal is relatively ten times greater than the driving force.


Purely Javascript based solution allowing for easy creation of right-click context menus. Browse the code on GitHub. Demo

Progresive Web Apps

You are using a computing device, be it a smartphone, a tablet, a desktop computer. It’s new, shiny, with little or no applications installed, _apart from the bloatware that the manufacturer could have generously shipped with it. _You fire up Facebook in a web browser, like a couple of pictures, post a status, have a small chat with a friend, and then after a while, you close the tab and lock your phone. After a while you do it again, and this time, you spend a whole hour scrolling through the news feed, and then once again you close the tab, and lock your device.

Physics 9702 Winter 2015 qp13 Q37

37 A network of resistors, each of resistance 1 Ω, is connected as shown.

From Windows 8 to 10 – The excitements and the disappointments.


Can machines think?

Back in 1950, Turing’s paper, titled “Computer machinery and Intelligence,” was published in journal called “Mind,” and it was one of the things that can be credited for changing the way people thought about machines. Some readers were awestruck, while others only saw gibberish.

From the “Game & Watch” to the 2DS.

Basketball dropped from a height of 140m with backspin.

Fixing the brightness issue on Ubuntu 16.04

  • The issue: Random flickering when changing the brightness using the function key, while the change wasn’t steady. The slider in system settings allowed me to change the brightness normally.
  • The machine: Dell Inspiron N5110

Under-steer vs Over-steer & Torque vs Horsepower

Under-steer is when you hit the wall with the front of the car.
Over-steer is when you hit the wall with the rear of the car.

Horsepower is how fast you hit the wall.
Torque is how far you take the wall with you.

Hands on with Ubuntu 16.04 “Xenial Xerus”

Being one of those idiots who started downloading the ISO way before the link was even officially added to the download page, I do have a couple of reasons to regret doing so. I was on a slightly messed up 14.04 that appeared to have deteriorated over time, and I had been considering a reinstall, but had been putting it off because I had decided to wait until after the release of Xenial.


is a bitch.


On January 3rd, I launched a tool, that’s hosted at; yep, that’s right. You guessed it: alexarank.io. What the tool does, is pretty simple. It tracks the global Alexa ranks for domains, and shows the change over time in a chart. It’s not exactly tracking every damn domain on the web, but nothing prevents it from doing so. Except that someone, and I mean anyone who cares enough, has to submit the domain once, and that very instant, the tool would start tracking the domain.

After all this time? Always

Alan Rickman, the English actor, well known for playing Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movie series, passed away at the age of 69 today. They say he had cancer. (No I don’t know which cancer it was,nor have I got any idea about how long he had had it and how much people knew about it. )

Remix OS – What Google need’s to ditch Chrome OS for

I could explain here, but I’d rather you simply read The Verge’s post about it. 

Highlight menu link of the current page.

On some websites, regardless of whether or not they are wordpress or even PHP, the menu link for the page you are viewing gets highlighted or it becomes active. _An example could be the 2014 theme for WordPress (see how, in the nav bar at the top, the link for home is green?) _or css-tricks.com (link for the current page is orange.)

The Swagway (and clones) “hoverboards” suck

Am I honestly the only one who thinks that?

Rust is to iron

what mold is to bread


are languages

Convergence? Na.. but cool

[ChillHub FirstBuild](https://firstbuild.com/mylescaley/chillhub/activity/).

You won’t regret watching this.

Shared Cricket Stadium for Pakistan and India.

A few days back, I was talking to a friend I picked up online, who happens to be an Indian, and as we were discussing some things loosely related to cricket, it hit me.

Using two routers to extend a network – Part 2

The goal: Create two separate networks, each with its own router. Both routers will have different security and SSID, while the WAN settings of A are configured to connect to the internet while B, being a subnetwork of the first, will connect to the internet through it.

Using two routers to extend a network – Part 1

Umm, yeah, so let’s get to it. What was the first interpretation? oh that’s right, Router B to act as a wireless access point for A.

Using two routers to extend a network

I have recently been faced with this challenge, partly for learning, as it’s kind of an enthusiast thing and partly because I might actually need to to that in the near future. Since the title might seem a bit vague or ambigous to some, let me first make a bit clear exactly what it is I’m after. How about we start by listing interpretations? (My goal and the whole point of all this can be seen to later.)

When doing what’s right is wrong

We’re all pirates


Is survival


Is dedication

The miracle is this

The more we share, the more we have. – Leonard Nimoy

The perfect distro

Doesn’t exist

October 21, 2015

We have till then to develop the hover-board, while rumor has it that Nike has already started working on the self-lacing shoes. In which case, I guess, it’s also safe to put off the hover-conversion, I’ve been dreaming of for my car, till then.

Code-names of Debian’s Releases

Buzz? as in Lightyear?

As if there’s any other Buzz!

Spend a day without X

Can you?.


Only to defend.

LXDE fans be like

“My life sucked, but then I installed LXDE, and now my computer runs faster than me…”

Discover Microsoft 1994


The “Linux” of the web-browser ‘industry’

Breach Browser

Bob Wall on Bruce Lee

Speed like a lightweight, hit like a heavyweight.

Let it Go – Male

This GUY creates a perfect male cover of the song “Let it Go” from the Disney movie Frozen.

Ubuntu 12.04 “Precise Pangolin”

is to Ubuntu, what XP is to Windows.

Explaining the Debian-family distros like a boss

Debian = Lol
Ubuntu = Lool
SuperOS = Lawl
Ubuntu Ultimate Edition = LulZ
Linux Mint = Lel

Google Map’s Street View’s “Time-Travel” feature

Follow this link.

Visit Hill Valley 1955 Maybe?

Yes, the town from the Back to The Future movies, it’s being recreated, London, for an upcoming ‘screening’. Available from 24th July – 10th August, being done by some _‘Secret Cinema’ _which is known for constructing such environments.. This is all being done probably as a tribute to the super-hit trilogy, as it’s almost 2015.

The Internet in Real-time

Time Lapse view of the Earth as seen from the ISS

The most amazing idea has hit me,

but first, I need to be the CEO of Microsoft.

Just Another Screenshot

Gunshot Ubuntu

Animating Vegeta – The Power of CSS3 and Sprites

Check this out before you read any further.

Real-life Transformer

A Street Performer, dressed up rather like BumbleBee.. He actually Transforms into a car too…

Knock Knock


In life, you either adapt or perish.

That is Evolution.

Down for just me or everyone else?

Use isup.me to find out.

Villains aren’t born

They are made.

7 minutes well spent

This is how I passed the time when I unexpectedly got disconnected from the internet.

W: Duplicate sources.list entry [FIXED] [Ubuntu]

Okay, so ever since I upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04 through the liveCD, i hadn’t once been prompted to update stuff. This seemed unusual to me as I used to get updates every now and then, and then the fact that I hadnt upgraded from 13.04 until right after the LTS was launched and the support for Raring had already been cut off. Also, the fact that I had aborted the installation before the upgrading process had completed.

Flappy48 – Combining “Flappy Bird” and “2048”

Flappy bird and 2048, two of the best games if the year, in terms of their rate of going viral, though totally different in themselves, have been combined into Flappy48.
The objective is to keep joining the numbers, just like in the game 2048 and eventually reach the 2048 tile, while at the same time, avoiding the obstacles. The obstacles being vertical columns, rather like those green pipes in flappy Bird.
You start off with a two, and as you flap, you collect more numbers, usually 2s… This would go on until you reach the 2048 tile.
The game is based on the unity engine. You can play it online, or download it on your android, though the web version would require you to install the Unity Web Player.
The game seems finely developed. The theme and scheme is similar to that of 2048, with all solid-ly applied shades from yellow-red.
The idea itself is great. At least better than the other pointless clones of flappy bird like flappy doge and shit. At least it brings something new.

Canonical shutting down UbuntuOne

While installing the essentials and all, my eyes fell on the gnome bar which looked bare, without the UbuntuONE icon, and that’s what reminded me of the cloud. I pressed the super key and typed the name in the dash, intending to configure it, but surprisingly, it didnt return any such App. I therefore, blaming myself for not upgrading properly, decided to install it manually when a thought hit me. That’s when I checked the Ubuntu One twitter account and there it was, in one of the most recent posts, my unasked question answered.

Trying my hands on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS “Trusty Tahr”

After upgrading using the LiveCD image since you can’t perform a proper upgrade from 13.04 to 14.04 LTS, and using it for like an hour, and installing all the necessities, I decide to do a blog post on what new the LTS has to offer.

Upgrading from Ubuntu 13.04 to 14.04 LTS

Those of you who didn’t bother to upgrade to 13.10 might be having trouble upgrading to the latest LTS… Yes you can not perform an “upgrade” but the word merely refers to the process where you upgrade using the updater tool just like you would update chrome or any other app while continuing to use the computer generally.
It doesn’t at all mean that if you are willing to save your files and settings, you have to upgrade first to 13.10 and then to 14.04. No.. despite how ridiculous it may sound, some did consider doing so.
All you need to do is download the ISO from the site, burn it onto a drive and boot, just like you would for a clean install. Start the installation process until you reach the part where it’d actually prompt you, and state that a previous version was found on this computer. You’d be presented with a number of options, one of which would be to upgrade from 13.04 to 14.04 LTS while preserving settings and files where possible.

Ubuntu 14.04 “Trusty tahr” finally available for download

Those of you who were taken aback at the sight of the same old website broadcasting 13.10, there’s news for you!

The clock is ticking

Only a matter of time, hours more like, before Ubuntu’s next LTS release, 14.04 Trusty Tahr is out..

Scientists claim that the Quantum theory proves that conciousness is moved to another universe on death?

“.. there’s a multiverse. In one you are married to your wife, in another you are married o another woman, in another you are married to a a man.. ” – Jason Statham, The One

Facebook acquires skype

For 1.8billion USD.. what are they gonna buy next? The transaction is to be made sometime during the month of May.. exact date hasn’t yet been decided upon …

Trying out DSLinux

Downloaded the VDI hosted at virtualboxes.org.
Simple to the extent where you find yourself drowning in a variety of options on a confusing UI.
Though the image is packed with a whole lot of tools, (that account for Its size, 200+MBA), installing stuff and customizing it to suit your needs isn’t really as simple as it might seem. Definitely not an option for a General consumer looking for a feather-light distro, and requires a bit of tuning before it can be of much use..

A ring-system around an asteroid

Click here..




Once there was an elephant,
Who tried to use the telephant—
No! No! I mean an elephone
Who tried to use the telephone—
(Dear me! I am not certain quite
That even now I’ve got it right.)
Howe’er it was, he got his trunk
Entangled in the telephunk;
The more he tried to get it free,
The louder buzzed the telephee—
(I fear I’d better drop the song
Of elephop and telephong!)
– Laura Elizabeth Richards

Connect to the Internet via a Network Bridge [Windows]

You’ve got 2 computers at your place. A nice laptop, and a desktop that’s deprived of a wireless adapter. The laptop connects to the internet through the router, to which it wirelessly connects, however the PC has to do without internet since the router’s a bit too far away from the computer for a wired connection. 

How to Assign a Static IP to on Windows Computer

A Static IP differs from a Dynamic one in the sense that the latter changes with every router reset, while the former always stays the same.

Creating a Counter-Strike Server using Port Forwarding and the dedicated-server application

First off, to create a server, you need additional files. The main executable of them being the “hlds.exe”, and if this one’s present, we must assume that the other prerequisites are present too, (including swds.dll, which is like a patch that allows non-steam clients.) If not present, just search for them, and download them.

Ubuntu 12.04 Live Mode Login Credentials [Ubuntu]

The username’s “ubuntu“, and password’s blank.

Sony’s Micro-USB Flash Drive

Click me

The one thing I do when I don’t have anything to do


Mohammad Ramadan

The guy who noticed a bug In the FB android app and the messenger. 
What he noticed was that the pictures were being sent over the http protocol, and not https.
He actually emailed Facebook and they paid him a total of $2000.
Here, his original post

The chemistry StackExchange

Has a breaking bad section..

I hate it

When you don’t forward a text message to 10 people, and die the next day.. 


A cloud-development platform for developers, where with every free sign-up, you get a virtual-machine, complete with root access, 2GB RAM and 1.2GB storage. You can view, manage and create files right in the browser. It even has a terminal emulator which too runs in the browser.

Lenovo’s All-in-one android PC

Now the battle for the desktop begins..  it might

The compass can point true north

But tells naught about the swamps and bushes and other obstacles that lie in the path. So what’s the point of knowing true North?

SkyDrive to become OneDrive


ChromeOS ported to Windows 8

Got the update?

LXQt: Qt port of LXDE

LXQt, the “next-gen”, upcoming desktop environment, is the product of the combined efforts of the LXDE and the Razor-Qt teams. The output is, in terms of visuals rather similar to KDE, so those who enjoy KDE but find it _highly-resource-consuming, _LXQt might be just the thing for them. Since I never liked KDE much, I might not like this one at all.
LXQt is to become the default environment in the upcoming releases of Lubuntu which is probably for the best since as much as I like LXDE, it’s too simple for a general consumer to find normal. A simple example could be the trouble they’d have to simply getting the Battery Indicator to work for them (It refreshes slow and all. ) I know it was a lame example but its one of the things that piss me off whenever I use LXDE.
Plus the JetBrains’ tools dont work on any environment other than GNOME or KDE, but they might on this one…

The shortest distance between two points

Will always be a straight line

Android being ported to cars?

It does say so here..
Way to go SkyNet!

The Yahoo Notepad gets the new look

Yahoo NotepadYahoo Notepad, one of my personal favorites of such apps on the web, has recently been altered in terms of UI, and the new look, no doubt, and improvement, at least in terms of readability, greatly resembles or happens to be identical to yMail’s new theme. Also, there’s a change in the terminology (_slight) _and perhaps a feature or two has been introduced.

We are who we are

Not what we were…


The W was developed for the V and is the precursor to X

Stephen Hawking on Time-Travel

Well, It’s worth the read…

Printing 2014 using a JS code free from numerals [Explanation]

Came across this thread on stack exchange. The challenge was to write a code, using whatever language you want, that would print the number 2014 to the console, without using a single numeral in the code. The person to post the code with the least number of characters wins.

FreeBSD install fails on VirtualBox [FIXED]

A known issue, faced by many, who at first usually blame themselves or the installation image, is that the installation process sort of ends of its own accord when extracting the archives, and after a reboot, it displays an error, the nature of which suggests that it failed to find files to boot.
Anyways, try enabling IO APIC from the system settings page. Might do the trick.

Your age on other planets

How old would you be if u were living on another planet?
Click here to find out.

Gates to Jobs when accused of theft

“Well, Steve, I think there’s more than one way of looking at it. I think it’s more like we both had this rich neighbor named Xerox and I broke into his house to steal the TV set and found out that you had already stolen it.”

GIT CheatSheet

All one might need..


I was browsing through dribbble (I dont really do that very often), when I came across this. Since the animation wasn’t really running well, I moved on to reading the description (response by the designer himself to be precise), at the bottom of which was a link to the _“full-video.” _I followed, but after watching only part of it, I again moved on to the description, and followed the link therin, and that’s when i fully understood what it all was about.

Well said..

“If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.” — George Bernard Shaw


GNU’s not Unix!

10 “Must-have” Android apps for general consumers

Title says it all, and here they are:

MB vs Mb vs Mibit vs MiB

First of, the ‘b’ stands for bit, _while the B stands for _byte. _So MB stands for _megabyte, _and Mb stands for _megabit. _The _Mi, Ki, Gi prefixes are binary prefixes. The  difference between Mb and Mibit is that MB represents 1000² bits, while Mibit represents 1024² bits. Same goes for Kb and Kibit.

Proof that Linux IS UNIX

Try creating a new account via terminal on Ubuntu and see what it prompts you with…

Creating User Accounts via terminal [Ubuntu]

First off, simply fire up a terminal, and then for root access, type:

Google to be the “real-life version” of SkyNet?

Google, that started as a search engine that gained global popularity, and parallel to searching, the only thing it offered was a home page light-enough for you to test your internet connection, but that doesn’t at all mean that it wasn’t awesome enough them. A whole lot of people owe their success to it, as it helped numerous youngsters with their homework and school projects, and thus if they are successful now, Google might have contributed a whole lot into their success. According to it’s wiki article, Google started in 1998, but it has now come a long way from being just a search engine.

Entrepreunership is hard, but u cant die

A LinkedIn Article that I read. It’s a bit long but do read it…

Chrome Apps launched for Mac

This Wednesday Google launched a Mac version of the Chrome Apps launcher.

Ah.. just merge the two…

Rather than just making the chrome apps run on iOS and android..


The date today…. But only a matter of time before its 12^2.13 😀

My first website

Not much of one. More like the very first attempt where I simply Googled something like “create a free website”, and ended up on Jigsy, which was then called ‘Viviti.’
Here, it carries naught but my name. Blame the power outage, for I was intending to add a whole lot of flash content.
I did build on it a lot afterwards but offline..

Volatile and Non-Volatile

RAM is volatile, while ROM is not..
Is that too hard to remember?

I do kinda “miss” the old-classic form of storage

An year-old article on the rebirth of the cassette-tapes

JQuery Mobile

In action

Don’t worry about what the people think of you

They don’t think very often.

Selena Gomez, irritated, curses and gets off the stage

Right here..

The Cyborg R.A.T 9 Gaming mouse.

Allow me..

Why are pointers used in C++?

Couldn’t have put it better..

Lunar Laser Ranging experiment

They actually shot lasers at the moon, to measure the distance between the earth and the moon, which were reflected elsewhere by the retroreflecters planted earlier, during the Apollo 11 Program?
Well, maybe it wasn’t a hoax as they say, but where exactly did they reflect the lasers to? Hopefully, not on some other part of the earth but somewhere in mere space.
Here, take a look at the Wikipedia article.

Quora’s down

Google Nose

Ages ago, many of us noticed the addition of a strangely catching tab on Googles pages. Some ignored, with the presumption that it’s another new product by Google, while some investigated.
The idea, as it said on the Google Nose’s home page was that users could actually sniff __stuff they search for. An example they themselves gave in a screenshot was “wet dog.” As you click on the Nose button, it’d instruct you to bring your nose close to the screen and sniff, and when you do, the screen would go all frosty at places, but you won’t even get a whiff of what a wet dog is supposed to smell like, cause the whole Google Nose thing was nothing but an April fool joke!

There’s always time

And you can always waste it.

The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time? Bertrand Russel or John Lennon?

Follow me…

What I’d love to see happen

Chromium OS, and Android, both are light-weight, open-source OSs developed by Google, improving and getting popular, _gradually, _over time.

Bitcoin Thefts Surge, DDoS Hackers Take Millions – Slashdot

Bitcoin, the online currency, P2P money, which was first introduced in the year 2009, and the idea behind it was to introduce a currency, unniversal, for e-commerce, perhaps the first of it’s kind. Users create account and get _wallets, _where they store their money, and some form of these wallets can also be downloaded to your computer and mobile devices.


Came across the term for the first time when I was checking out stuff on the play Store. It’s another project by Google, which in itself is naught but like a USB flash drive, but there’s more to it.
The Chromecast enables you to enjoy media content on your HDTV. Means if for example you come across a YouTube Video, while checking out your Facebook feeds, all you have to do is look for and press the chromecast button. It would prompt you with a list of available devices, selecting any of which would play the content on whatever device you chose. To do so, what you are gonna need is true chromecast USB device of course which has to be plugged into the TV.

Student turns old turntables into drawing machine

Here Take a Look, Guy’s a genius.

The page RIP Paul Walker gains 1.5m likes in like a day

99% of the posts in our news-feed seem so say naught but stuff like “RIP Paul Walker.” Walker, an actor best known for his role as Connor O’Brien, in the Fast and the Furious movie series, died yesterday in a car crash.
Someone, no idea who, created this page on Facebook, with the name RIP Paul Walker, that has about 1.5m likes right now, and from the look of it.. it does look a day old..  Guy did seriously have quite some fan base..


Tofu, @tofu_product, is a Twitter account, that seems to have a thing for confusing tweets, and following General public.
Actually, it is supposed to be a bot. The moment you follow him, he’d follow you back, and he’d go through your tweets, make something out of them, and tweet it to you.. sounds stupid eh? But that’s more or less like what happens. A Tofu tweet normally doesnt make much sense.
Do give it a try, find him on Twitter and follow him. He’d follow you back instantly. Wait for another few minutes and he is bound to tweet something to you..

The not-too-light lightweight distro

I used to think the Lubuntu was capable of running on any machine available, until I read on some blog a post where a guy was hoping to find a nice damn-light distro for his Toshiba Satellite 300CDT, that had only 4GB storage and 48mb of RAM..
Well, guy could do with slax, as the minimum memory requirements for the 32bit version inn text mode happen to be exactly 48mb…

Camera-free iPhones

The Singapore ministry of defense actually asked the M1 operator for camera-free iPhone devices.

Running StartX in Ubuntu screws up “login” [FIXED]

Two days back, I out of curiosity, fired up a terminal and typed in startx, with the hope that the UI would be reduced to naught but the _original form _of the X. At first it displayed an error, saying that i’m not permitted to. But then I tried again, and this time with a ‘sudo.’ The moment I _entered _my password, the screen went all dark, but only for a second, after which I was left with naught but a blank desktop, free from menus. Sensing failure, I opened another terminal and wrote ‘unity.’ Something similar happened, but this time, the title bar of the terminal kinda got stuck to the top of the screen. I tried the same command again, and this time, I was brought back to where i started. The terminal in which i had typed the startx command was still there, however i failed to notice that the user logged into it wasn’t my primary user account but root. I didn’t really notice anything unusual, except that the _settings _dropdown, present in the top-right, in the gnome bar, wasn’t showing up the options it ought to, so I restarted the computer by simply pressing the power button.



HTML5 DrumBox

Do Give it a try….

The Facebook messenger [mobile] gets a new look

Yesterday, when going through a list of updates that had to be installed, I noticed that the icon of the messenger had changed into a round-er, and light colored one, rather like the new icons in iOS7, this:

500$ Aventador

Now this guy, Taras Lesko, who’s known to have previously built a 7-foot high Gundam, is now making an Aventador  worth no more than $500, out of.. what shall i say? paper?

Wordo – The Only Truly Free Dictionary on the Web

I am a student, and every now and then I come across a term too complex for me to understand, (or perhaps not too complex but alien,) and thus I have to Google things a lot, and half the time its such terms. The results would of course direct me to some other site, and some of them would have stupid lag-gy popups, while others with flashy ads or too Bland an interface.

Window Managers vs Windowing Systems(Display Server) vs Desktop Environments

If u happen to be a Linux user, you might, at the very least be familiar with the Desktop environments: GNOME, KDE, LXDE or XFCE. _Also, _you might have come across the names _OpenBox, X Window System _and _Window Maker, _and perhaps an implementation of more than one of these _together, _e.g. ‘Gnome/OpenBOX.’

Microsoft Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2

Couple of days back, Microsoft announced the ‘coming’ of the new Microsoft Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2; the former being the successor to Surface RT, while the latter of course succeeds the Surface Pro.

Cloud Services – Quick Reviews

With the passage of time, as ‘everything is moving to the cloud’ (pardon my _excessive _use of this quote, but it does really sum things up), the use of cloud storage is becoming common, and there are dozens of such services on the cloud each with its own uniquity, now the questions that arise are, “which one of them is the best?” “which one should i go for?” “can we really trust them with our data?” e.t.c. So, in this post, I’m going to talk a bit about the most popular (or at least the ones i prefer) cloud services on the web.

OtherOS [PlayStation3]

OtherOS was a feature in the Playstation 3, which was later discontinued and made unavailable throught a firmware update, that allowed one to install a custom operating system i.e. Unix or Linux like OSs. The reason for its discontinuation was perhaps the flexibility of  running OtherOSs and perhaps it challenged the reputation of their own OS.

What’s a Tab Delimitted file?

If you’ve ever tried building on the Cleverscript, or if you’ve ever played around with Spreadsheets, you might have come across the terms “Tab-delimited-file” or “comma separated values,” and few often wonder what the terms really mean.

RIP Tom Clancy – The “story-writer” of Splinter Cell… DEAD.

Tom Clancy
Tom Clancy, American, and well known to gamers as the guy behind the storylines of Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six, died on the 1st of October 2013, i.e. a few days back _yes. _If one would step out of the gaming world, they’d realise that there was more to him than just producing games. He wrote a number of books, but almost all of his works, at least the ones i know of, were all really about warfare, military e.t.c.

The UbuntuStart/StartUbuntu Project to shun XP

Windows XP, successor to 98, was a huge leap for MS, and well perhaps the most stable version of Windows ever in its time, the first release of which was launched in 2000, is still widely used. Whether it _should _still be used or not, is highly debatable. Some loyal supporters would argue with the fact that it’s about 3 versions old and yet extremely stable and supports everything, while others who have (or at least claim to) have looked into the issue state that, it’s no longer secure, and that it has compatibility issues and all.

Where’s the ‘Innovation’?

Two days back, Sony unveiled its Xperia Z1 smartphone, that packs a 2.2Ghz Quad-core processor and a 20.7MP camera, and the same magnificent display, perhaps _that’s _a little larger too, and that’s the point. Every now and then, a new phone comes out, and it’s pretty hard to choose the best among them, as the competition is tough, but what exactly is it that a day-newer smartphone carries? A slightly better processor? perhaps an _extremely high-res _camera? or a water proof display? Or…Just a larger screen.

Microsoft Acquires Nokia

Nokia, the Finnish manufacturer of Mobile devices, which has been a bit _‘out of the game’ _in the recent years, especially since they gave up on the Symbian Mobile platform, and started with the Asha series, and could have had to face worse if it hadnt been for Microsoft, and they hadn’t produced the Lumia series of Windows Smartphones.

Linus Torwalds’ initial email.

The one that started it all, where Torwalds asked the people for suggestions and stuff that they’d like to see in the minix OS.

XBMC – The Xbox Media Center

The XBMC is an application designed to serve as a free alternative to Windows media center, and is available for several platforms, and even has its own standalone version known as the XMBCbuntu which, yes, is based on ubuntu.

GTA VC Back To the Future Hill Valley Mod

The mod is one of the best I’ve ever played and it’s as convincing as it could be and the best thing about it is that it’s based on VC, and yet it makes the impossibles of modding-on-vc, _possible. _The Mod, in case you havent figured it out yet is based on the 1985 Super-hit comedy science-fiction Back To the Future Films, that are all about travelling through time and changing the past so as to ensure a better future, or should is say, the _present? _Well, watch the movies (if u havent already); definitely worth watching.

The Moto X’s Specifications

I dint bother to mention it in the other post cause it was way to heavy already but those like me who wont rest until they see a table of specs, well here it is:

Enable/Disable Guest/Remote Login accounts in Ubuntu 13.04 [Ubuntu]

The guest and the _remote login _accounts are enabled by default, but there are those who want them disabled, and this could be due to privacy concern (though i noticed that u cant do much in the guest account), and as for the remote one, well, maybe they just dont want to see it there.

The Moto X – Another release that redefines smartphones

Moto X

What’s new in Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

The newly launched, version of Android comes with its own range of exciting features, ranging from apparent _visual effects _to _not-to-apparent _security fixes.One of the apparent features being a user account system, Restricted Profiles as Google calls it. The purpose of the new user account feature, (i guess not much explanation required) is merely to ensure that _multiple-users-on-a-single-device _dont have much trouble managing their docs e.t.c. and yes it also kinda improves privacy, i.e. files you dont want other users to access.

GIMP – The free alternative to Photoshop


Ubuntu Edge

The Ubuntu Edge is an upcoming _state-of-the-art _smartphone, more-like, just a project for now, that would feature the fastest multi-core processor they can get their hands on, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of internal storage, and LTE antennae on either side.

Pokemon Fuse-er

pokemon.alexonsager.net hosts a tool that allows you two fuse any two Pokemons together. 😀

Security breach on the Ubuntu Forums.

The site has been ‘shutdown for maintainence.’ This{#mfa11} is all that’s visible of it right now..

Access Linux partitons through Windows

Linux and Windows, two of the most widely used OS’, and ‘which one is better’ is highly debatable. Now both have their own pros and cons, and well, experience _can be a bit _different _and _frustrating, when switching from one to the other.

Strobe illusion

Stare at this for about 30 seconds, and then look around you.



S4 League Snow Drop Dual Magmum

Well As You Know S4 League is Getting Better And You get Pleasure BY having Fun and we all Dramed of using dual pistols in a game with cool skils (or maybe not) S4 Gave us dual magmum and a Capsule that is both For Ben and buyable credits Today my luck was maxed and i got the dual magmum spec edition Called Dual Magmum Snow Drop Well Every Special Edition Weapon needs some specs Like Hp + 5 sp +5  movement +3% and attack + 11 and this is also on the pen shop so you can get it now and get experienced to the Dual Pistolizing of S4

Blind people – Can they dream like we do?

The answer to this totally depends on _how long, since when, _and _to what extent _has the person been blind.

FC college

Despite its name, FC college has nothing to do with “football clubs.” _It simply stands for _Forman Christian.


PakFacebook is a social network, that was launched as an alternative _right after Facebook was banned for the first time in Pakistan, that did kinda resemble the real facebook, in both i.e. the _visuals, _and the _functionality. 


I’ve got this _‘hobby’ _of collecting Operating Systems’ images; _mind _only stable or lost ones.

Introducing “Stories’ Notifications” on Facebook WEB.

The news-feed, a constantly updating, “feed” _of _stories _from pages or people you’ve subscribed to, or those who are part of your friend list.
The Mobile App had this _notifier _feature that would inform you of any recent activity, new stories, that have to be displayed on the _news-feed.

Nokia Lumia 1020, the first such smartphone to go 41MP

The Lumia 1020
The Nokia Lumia 1020, that’s said to be available on AT&T by the 26th of July, makes even the best of DSLR’s look inferior, it’s own rear-camera being  41MP with a max resolution of 7712 x 5360. Lenses: Zeiss, Flash is Xenon for still-captures, while there’s an LED one for Videos, their quality being 1080p, 30fps.


Cygwin is to Windows, what Wine is to Linux..

Unable to mount Windows partition on Ubuntu&Windows Dual-boot [Ubuntu]

Another known issue, no biggie. What happens is that when the person tries to mount a windows partition on Ubuntu, they get this huge error saying that “the metadata kept in Windows cache refused to mount…” “the partition is in an unsafe state”  “not permitted” e.t.c.

MACBuntu messed up the Global Menu [Ubuntu]

Ubuntu’s Unity interface greatly resembles that of MacOSX, and that includes T__he Global menu, AKA The Mac Menu, _which shows the _Application menu(File, View, Edit, e.t.c.)  in the top bar. 

WINE installation Messed up fonts [Ubuntu]

A known problem that I myself experienced, when I logged into Facebook, after rebooting to complete the installation of WINE. A tool that aims at enabling windows programs to run on other platforms.

Working with ‘models’ in GTA

If you visit a site sporting GTA Mods, you’d see hundreds of Car mods, Player models, e.t.c. most of them containing naught but new models and textures. The question is “How to install them?” Do we have to erase the existing models, in order to replace them with the new ones? Yes!

Enabling Workspaces in Ubuntu 13.04 ‘Raring Ringtail’

System Settings > Appearance > ‘Behaviour’ tab > Check ‘Enable Workspaces’

Whats New in Ubuntu 13.04 ‘Raring Ringtail’?

Raring Ringtail is a short term release, which would be supported for 9 months, successor to Ubuntu 12.10 Quantam Quetzal.

The Java Based Windows 8 Explorer for Mobile Devices?

The Windows 8 Mobile – Java Explorer” is a really advanced file explorer for classic mobile devices, _that don’t exactly support _advanced computing (dear me, im not sure whether or not this was the right term.) Such devices include all Nokia OS(s40), Symbian phones (at least nokia’s) and every other device that supports Java Apps.

The New Facebook Graph Search Feature

The Graph Search really enhances the Facebook search, and with it, you are _slightly more likely to find who, or what you are looking for. _All you need to do is type your query in plain English (Just dont take this line _too _literally,) mind, dont go totally casual.

PoolHD Launched

Was wondering what to post about, and the first thing that came into my head was PoolHD, along with the fact that it’s “Coming 18th of June 2013,” 

Xbox one vs PS4

The Xbox One design was revealed a way before the PS4. Both had unveilings before the E3 press conference – a traditional launch pad for games consoles – but at the PS4’s early showing, we didn’t get to see the box. It was only shown off fully at E3, on 10 June.

S4 league


Atari Breakout – Google’s version

Goto Google Images and type Atari Breakout. 😉 Enjoy


Old, but well, GOLD. ‘GTA United’ was a ‘total-conversion-mod’ for GTA San Andreas, which lacked in missions, but for free-roamers, It’s fun.

Los-Santos, San-Andreas in GTA-V

GTA _ v
See that “VineWood” Sign? Ring any bells?

Apple Lifestreaming the Keynote LIVE

Activate Windows 8

I’ve got this activator that i’ve tested on Windows 8 PRO, and it did work for me.


is where you can buy DVDs of various Linux, Solaris, and BSD based Operating Systems.


UNetbootin is a tool, available on all 3 platforms i.e. Linux, MacOSX and Windows, that allows you to create Bootable Live USB drives, or you if you are short of USB flash-drives, you can go for the frugal-install on the hard-disk. 

Rikomagic’s Quad-core, Android v4.2, Mini-PC


Pronouncing “Linux”

A topic quite debatable, as to whether it is pronounced as “lie-nucks”, or as “lee-nucks.”

Ubuntu Derivatives

Ubuntu is the most popular, and most-widely-used Distribution of Linux present. Based on Debian, it too is open-source, but unlike Debian, which is like all about networking, Ubuntu is, well, the_ preferred one for normal, home users. _


“Your computer isn’t doomed. Fight back with BootDisk.com” A Collection of Floppy Disk Images, ranging from MS-DOS 5.0 to WIndows XP Professional 2006.

RAID Drives and Storage Pools

Windows 8 comes with a built-in storage-pool feature, and Drive-Bender is a  ‘state of the art, single point storage pool technology’, and the upcoming PoolHD would be the “fastest and easiest way to create and maintain a storage pool of virtually infinite size.”

“Windows 8 Setup Failing After Reboot” – Solved

A common problem these days, which I myself have experienced, while installing Windows 8 CP, and PRO on my Dell INSPIRON N5110.

Matt Mullenwug, the founder and creator of WordPress, ‘writes a letter to wordpress’

Take a Look

Windows Phone Demo

Now you can actually “Test-Drive” the_ _Windows Phone.

Torrents vs Magnet Links

When we download stuff using torrents, we first download a *.torrent file and run it with our bittorrent client. The torrent file contains information that leads to the download.

VirtualBox-VM fit to screen

When i first installed Ubuntu inside a VirtualBoxVM on my laptop, i noticed that it didnt make proper use of the widescreen. The display was a small square box in the middle of the scree which kinda bothered me. To overcome this, just install the guest additions. To do so, press HOST + D. There you go. The auto-installer will take care of the rest.


Wine enables you to run Windows applications on Linux, Solaris, BSD, and MacOSX

Linux XP

Linux XP Desktop is a discontinued distribution of Linux which is based on Fedora, and bits of Red Hat.

ReactOS – The free alternative to Microsoft Windows

The React OS project is an operating system written from scratch that follows the design and architecture of Windows NT. The idea behind it was to launch a free and open-source operating system that would enable windows programs and drivers to run on your PC.

No hard drives been found – Linux XP/Red Hat

An error i faced while trying to install Linux XP 2006 on a VirtualBox VM. The error is known to have been faced while installing Red Hat too, and the reason behind it is that neither of the two OS support SATA hard-drives, i.e.  at least the older versions didn’t, so I just unmounted the HDD from the SATA controller, and mounted the same HDD on the IDE controller. To do so in VBox,

Recover Partitions after Uninstalling Linux – “Not enough space on the disk to complete this operation” Disk management

Often users face this problem, after uninstalling Linux, and re-partitioning the _un-allocated space. _What actually happens is that they keep on getting stupid errors saying “Not enough space on the disk to complete this operation,” whenever they try to create new partitions using the Disk Management tool in Windows.

Japanese Students Invent Girlfriend Coat For Lonely People | GizmoCrazed

[Japanese Students Invent Girlfriend Coat For Lonely People GizmoCrazed](http://www.gizmocrazed.com/2013/04/japanese-students-invent-girlfriend-coat-for-lonely-people/).

Uninstalling Ubuntu From a win7&ubuntu Dual-boot Using Windows 7

Ubuntu, based on Linux  though is free and open-source, not everyone would be satisfied with it, as an average user would get pissed off in a week, because there arent many of the desired apps available for Ubuntu  and those that are, people get a hard time installing them. I haven’t got anything against Ubuntu, and I’m not asking anyone to stop using it, but those that regret installing it in the first place, here’s how you can uninstall it.

Get rid of the “This Copy of Windows is not genuine” error in Windows 7 Ultimate

Often when you’ve got updates on, there comes a time when your desktop background disappears, and you keep on getting errors and popups saying that your copy of windows is not genuine, and stuff like “you might be a victim of software counterfeiting.” The reason behind is that you are using a pirated version of Windows which you didn’t obtain the legal way._ _Now the point is that these errors and popups can be annoying, and people would always welcome a cure, and well here’s one. I’m not encouraging anyone to go for pirated software, but i’m still posting the solution cause not everyone can afford to buy their own licensed copy of windows.;-)

Cardboard Wi-Fi Router

An eco-friendly, affordable, easily-recycle-able, Cardboard Wi-Fi Router.

Fault in some undersea cable slows down internet by 60% in several countries including Pakistan

A cut in some fiber cable has slowed down internet by 60% in Pakistan, and several other Europian countries. The cable in questions is said to be the _primary internet backbone between Europe, Middle East, Sub-continent and Europe. _Cut somewhere near Egypt; Internet is being supplied through a substitute cable.

Confessions trend on Facebook

Nowadays, you cant surf around fb, without coming across some confessions page. It’s just another trend, like those viral videos of Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake, that spread like worms. The idea behind these confessions page is that everyone feels uncomfortable about certain things and has trouble sharing stuff, holds secrets, and to make them public, one can simply message the page admin, and he’d post whatever the person has to say.

Take Screenshot In Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich(ICS) or above

Dunno about the older versions, guess you have no choice but to download some app that provides this feature, but since 4.0, android comes with a built-in screenshot taking utility, and all you need to do is press and hold the power + volume down button.

Install Komodo Edit 8 on ubuntu 12.10 64 bit

Komodo edit is a code editor and an alternative to notepad++, in fact, its even better, and runs in all 3 i.e. Linux, Mac and Windows. Installing it in linux can be a bit tricky for newbies, so here’s what you need to do.

SWAP space/partition – Linux

A swap partition is simply the place from which your computer borrows some memory if it runs out of RAM. The RAM is way faster than the hard disk, but in case you do run out of memory, and are in real need of it, the computer resorts to paging, and borrows some “virtual-memory” from the hard-disk, and in computers running linux, it borrows from the swap partition.

“no root specified” error during ubuntu installation

While installing ubuntu 12.10, when i got to the partition-ing part, i kept on receiving an error saying something like “no root file system is defined.” After countless attempts, i figured out  a solution to this.

Create a free web with 1500mb hosting space and a proper domain name

There are several such services on the cloud that enable you to build a website for free. Some, like my3gb, offer you some hosting space and a subdomain (like domain.my3gb.com), and some also offer a site builder. Webs.com is an example, that offers a free subdomain, and an awesome site builder.

Boot SLax through a USB drive

On Feb 18, I posted about Slax – A Plug and Play OS, which is absolutely free, but often, some people who are not much into computers, have trouble installing it. The simple + quick method is:


Chat with a CleverBot with Artificial Intelligence. 

Let me google that for you

Let me google that for you

Romo – The SmartPhone Robot


Fll National Championship

The First Lego League National Championship was held on Saturday 2nd March 2013, at the Lahore University of Management Sciences(LUMS), and everyone was expecting a lot from us, The Aftershocks, and who wouldn’t, after seeing our performance at the Regional. 😀


The Mother Of Invention

Slax – A Plug-And-Play Operating System

You are familiar with the term plug-and-play; if not, well, just google it 😉 Anyways, we use countless plug and play devices, but ever heard of a plug and play Operating System(OS)?
Slax is just another one of the countless linux distros, but the best thing about it is that it’s plug and play. Just boot using a Slax live CD or USB, and it’d start up. The initial setting-up processes hardly take a minute, and no install required.

Google driverless car

It’s a project, led by Google engineer Sebastian Thrun, director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and co-inventor of Google Street View. No need to tell you what its about as the name says it all.

Hide Folders in your phone, without using any tool or software

This is a simple but useful trick for hiding folders in your phone without any special software/tool. This works in almost all phones, at least it did in every single one i tried.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer that u can plug into a tv and a keyboard. It uses an ARM processor and can run various llinux distros like Debian, Ubuntu and even some version of android, and is capable of almost anything that a normal pc, belonging to a normal user does.

Internet Error Codes

501: Not Implemented
502: Bad Gateway
504: Gateway TimeOut
505: HTTP Version Not Supported

Blogger Hired Woman to Slap him whenever he logged into any social networking site

When San Francisco-based blogger Maneesh Sethi realized he was wasting too much time on Facebook, YouTube and Reddit, he resolved to change his work habits.

My software never has bugs….

It just develops exciting new random features.

Trust God Fully

When god leads you to the edge of difficulty, Trust him fully.

Victory at the FLL – Robotics competition

Yo, today was our robotics competition, The First Lego League(FLL). Dont ask what FLL is, just google it. The bots were built using the Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 kit. In the competition  we were judged on four things: The Robot Design, Robot Game, Core Values, and Project. Core values was all about how well you cooperate with your team members, while in the project, we were supposed to think of a problem faced by out elders, give an innovative solution for it, and present it in front of the judges. Our Team, “The After-Shocks” was the best in Robot design, and the game. Core Values too went well, however not the best. Project was a complete catastrophe as our solution to blindness (for that was the problem we chose) was nowhere near innovative. But it was the game and the design that we really rocked at. All the bots, but ours looked almost exactly the same, ours was the only one somewhere near innovative.

Scroll Clock

A digital Clock comprising of a number of scroll bars. Just click the link below and u’d know.

Hidden Game in Google

Goto Google, and type “zerg rush”. Enjoy!

Magnificent Computer Graphics – Impossible Objects

Just Check this out!

Access Blocked Websites

Often you might have come across websites that have been blocked by your ISP, an example is youtube, which is blocked in Pakistan. To access such websites, you can use a proxy server. There are dozens of sites offering free web proxy; ONLINE. The most popular one is 12345proxy.net, though in my opinion, the best one is Umer Rock’s Proxy Server.

Do a Barrel Roll

Go to Google and type “do a barrel roll” and press enter. 😉

Reason behind IE’s existence

Why does Internet Explorer exist?

FB Privacy Update

Now you can edit your FB Privacy Settings from the top bar. This is not yet available to everyone.

Special characters in windows

You might have noticed people making strange characters like “☺☻♥” on facebook e.t.c. Some of these, take the heart for example, can be _Triggered _using special codes, in this case, “<3”. But not every single one of them has codes known to public.

Chrome Web Developer Extension

With this handy Web Dev Extension extension, you can totally strip down websites, and modify them. Such modifications include:

YMail updated

The yahoo mail theme has been updated. This one is based on the METRO lines.

Ranahost server under DDOS

Ranahost is a Web hosting provider; in fact, the best in Pakistan, but one of their servers is under DDOS attack since the past two or three days.


Get upto 7gb of free cloud storage. Just goto skydrive.live.com, and login with your microsoft account.

Run Google Chromium OS on VirtualBox

Chromium OS is an open-source, linux-based operating system, designed by google to work with web based applications. Its quite a simple one really, and not the sort everyone would like, in fact, the only application it comes with is a browser (though of course you can install more apps.)

iPhone → iPad → Macbook

Not gonna say much here. Just check this out.


Akismet is a wordpress plugin for reducing spam comments. It works by sending the info left by the commentor, to the Akismet servers, which checks whether the comment is spam or not. And it’s completely free for personal blogs.

Revert Back to the default Cpanel theme

Once while going through the cpanel of my site i came across a tool cause RVSkin. It’s basically a tool that allows you to fully customize the cpanel theme. The only problem with it is that once you activate it, there is no option of reverting back to the original one.

DOS (Denial of Service) attack.

A DOS(stands for denial of service”) attack is an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users. One common method of doing so is saturating/overloading the machine with external communications requests, such that it cannot respond does slowly. Such attacks usually lead to a server overload.

Windows RT and Windows 8 PRO

The first release of Microsoft’s Suface Tablet, cost about $499, comes with Pre-installed Windows RT. It is (i assure you) REAL windows, but only just; its more like a Mobile OS. Windows RT has the same interface as the one you get in windows 8 pro, and it fully supports all the windows 8 apps.

The CASIO pb100.

The CASIO pb100 is an old computer or rather a PROGRAMMABLE CALCULATOR based on BASIC. Supports upto 1kb RAM and requires 2 CR-2032 lithium batteries which are used both as a power source and MEMORY.

Gmail SMS

Login to your Gmail account.
Once the page has fully loaded, look on teh left side of the page.
You’d see a sidebar.
In the lower part of the sidebar, is an input box that says: “Search Chat and sms.”

Download stuff using torrents

Ever wondered How people download large Movies and games?
THe answer is quite simple,
THey use torrents.

Transform Windows XP to 7 in a few small steps.

Tired of running XP? PC not supporting Windows 7? Well, feel like transforming XP into 7? in just a few small steps?
Download True Transparency here: http://truetransparency.en.softonic.com/</wbr></wbr>

Open Multiple accounts using a single PC

It is not exactly anything new or secret but most people have trouble logging into multiple fb, or gmail e.t.c. acconts at once using the same pc. Well theres a way. The best option is to open some other browser, and login using that one. But if u want to use the same browser, just open a private window or tab, and….. ENJOY!

Use a single SQL Database for multiple WordPress installations

Most people experience problems when trying to use a single SQL database for multiple WP installations. Its not as difficult as it seems to be. Start with uploading files, and carry on normally until you reach the install.php part.


Teamviewer is a Remote desktop Utility, which allows you remotely access another PC on the network. When you run teamviewer, you are assigned with an ID and a password(which difffers in every session\run.) 

Breadcrumb address bar in XP

Like the breadcrumb address bar in Windows Vista/7? want the same thing in XP?
Download and install QTAdressbar.

Hidden FTP client in Windows/Mac and Linux

We all use FTP clients like FileZilla, CoreFTP, SmartFTP. Most people use Graphical Interfaces, but some even prefer Command line, but only 10% know about the hidden CLI FTP client that comes with the OS.

Moving The sidebar from right to left in the 2011 wordpress theme

Most people experience this problem when editing the default Twenty Eleven theme and usually, they try placing the sidebar before the main content in the php file, or adding some code to the functions.php file. But they dont need to.
Now there are 2 ways to do this. The simplest is:  goto Dashboard>Themes>customize>layout and select “Content on Right”

Get tabbed Browsing in Windows Explorer

Just download and install Clover.




Nice Stuff they got on CodePen. It’s a collection of pure HTML5+CSS3+JS objects. Do check it out!

Popular followers

My Friend is working on a fun project which is called Popular Followers. It allows you to sort your twitter followers on the amount of followers that they have. He wanted to find out if His trashness twitter account had any celebs/high-profile people following it, and didnt want to manually scan  1500 followers. Google showed him there was an awesome programmer (Raymond Camdon, he works for Adobe, is extremely productive, has adopted children) who had already tried to create such a tool, He emailed him to ask if hed be interested to collaborate with him on creating this simple tool for the masses. But designing such a small tool is easy, since they didnt need much more than a background, and a big-ass form box. The complete project, from the initial email, to deciding on a name, registering a domain, was finished in 24 hours. It took a bit longer before they actually launched, though. So hereby, dear readers of This blog Here it is: Popular Followers.


Sick of receiving spam mail, email notifications, newsletters e.t.c. from multiple sites that u have signed up on? Well here’s a Solution.

Android or Windows Phone 7?

Have to buy a new cell phone. Wondering what OS to buy.  HTC 7 mozart is some Windows phone 7 smartphone with its 8mp camera,  1ghz processor, 512MB ROM and 576MB ram. Only it has no proper file management nor a card slot. It comes with 8GB internal storage.  And all the windows phone apps available on the appstore are for windows phone 7.5 or higher, while HTC 7 mozart has got Windows phone 7.0, so what if none of the good apps are compatible for it? Another limitation of the windows phone 7 is that it is totally dependent on ZUNE.

Windows Phone 8

Nokia launches the first Windows 8 phone. Nokia Lumia 920.

Mystery behind the “BUG”

In 1947, Grace Murray Hopper was working on the Harvard University Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator (a primitive computer).