Linux and Windows, two of the most widely used OS’, and ‘which one is better’ is highly debatable. Now both have their own pros and cons, and well, experience _can be a bit _different _and _frustrating, when switching from one to the other.

Well, a common problem usually faced, especially by those who go for a dual-boot, is that Windows cant read/write/access Linux partions, while on the other hand, Linux can Windows’. But there are a variety of tools available that _do enable _you to access Linux partitions through Windows. Some only offer the _read _feature, while some even let you _write _changes to the disk.

After trying a whole bunch of them, the best i could find was the ParagonExtFS. This one works on all 3, i.e. XP, 7 and 8, and it has no confusing UI to deal with. Just a simple _mount _feature, just as in Linux, and thats it. Now you can Explore, view and edit Linux files through the Windows Explorer.

You can download ParagonExtFs from here. _Yes _you have to register, but well doesn’t exactly matter. Just fill in the form with whatever’s required and click submit.

Now, check your email, i.e. the address you provided while filling in the form, for an email from eservice@paragon-software, that contains the download link.

_Installing _and _operating _is relatively easy, once installed, just run it, and a box will popup carrying a list of partitions; Linux ones marked yellow. Select a partition and mount it; specify a drive letter and thats it. Now you can explore the partition normally through the windows explorer.