Ubuntu is the most popular, and most-widely-used Distribution of Linux present. Based on Debian, it too is open-source, but unlike Debian, which is like all about networking, Ubuntu is, well, the_ preferred one for normal, home users. _

Now, with ubuntu’s being open-source, come several derivatives. Most of these derivatives, or rather, almost all of them aim to make Ubuntu slightly more productive and user friendly, by adding to it, a list of programs, that dont come with it by default, while some of them just include a change of Logo, and the Brandings, and maybe another few changes in the interface, and are launched off as completely new OSs. There are so many of such derivatives around that you just cant get your hands on them all, and most of them end up as failed products, or are discontinued as newer versions of Ubuntu are launched.

3 of the most popular such derivatives are Linux Mint, Ultimate Edition(Ubuntu Ultimate), and SuperOS.

Linux Mint is one of those Ubuntu based distros that, though launched as a completely new OS, don’t include much additions, apart from the changes in the logo and the interface, but it’s becoming increasingly popular with the passage of time. In fact, some people have started to prefer Mint over Ubuntu, due to which, as the rumours have it, Canonical lashed at them, forcing them to switch to Debian.

Ultimate Edition, with it’s re-designed logo, comes with a huge range of programs, including GIMP, Inkskape, and even a Virtualization tool: Qemulator. Mint and UE though _heavily _based on Ubuntu, were both launched as Independent, stand-alone OSs, and well, UE is a project that deserves some credit, and is a great choice for newbies, who’ve just switched to Linux, or normal users, who cant afford WIndows or Mac.

SuperOS is another such derivative, which too comes with a range, though quite smaller than UE, of additional programs. The Logo, the interface, it’s all the same. If you are a normal user, who uses a computer just for creating documents e.t.c., connect to the internet, communication, or watching movies (occasionally), with a slow internet connection, and the very thought of downloading applications scare you, and prefer a preloaded-with-all-the-essentials computer, then Super OS is just perfect for you.