Me: Hey, Tom Felton made an appearance in the Flash.

They: Who’s that again?

Me: Malfoy.

They: What does he play?

Me: Julian Albert. A CSI working with Barry. But sometimes he gets mind-controlled and takes on the mantle of “Alchemy.”

They: Who controls him?

Me: Savitar.

They: Who’s Savitar?

Me: Barry.

They: Who’s Barry again?

Me: Flash.

They: Why does he control him?

Me: To create evil metahumans.

They: Why?

Me: Because he’s evil.

They: The Flash is evil?

Me: No. Savitar is.

They: You just said Savitar is Flash.

Me: I said he is Barry.

They: And Barry is Flash, right? So..

Me: Savitar is another Barry.

They: Like a clone?

Me: Yes, quite like a clone.

They: Where’d he come from?

Me: The future.

They: So basically, Barry turns evil in the future and goes back in time to fight himself?

Me: No. Barry clones himself in the future and that clone travels in time.

They: Why does he do that?

Me: Because he needs help.

They: With what?

Me: Fighting someone. He creates many clones of himself in the fight. They all die except for one.

They: Who was he fighting?

Me: Barry.

They: What?

Me: He was fighting Savitar.

They: No. You said he created Savitar to fight someone else.

Me: He created a clone to fight Savitar. Then after the fight, he told the clone to go to hell. The clone had no purpose or place. Just endless pain. It drove him crazy and turned him into Savitar.

They: This time travel shit is confusing.