LXQt: Qt port of LXDE

LXQt, the “next-gen”, upcoming desktop environment, is the product of the combined efforts of the LXDE and the Razor-Qt teams. The output is, in terms of visuals rather similar to KDE, so those who enjoy KDE but find it highly-resource-consuming, LXQt might be just the thing for them. Since I never liked KDE much, I might not like this one at all.
LXQt is to become the default environment in the upcoming releases of Lubuntu which is probably for the best since as much as I like LXDE, it’s too simple for a general consumer to find normal. A simple example could be the trouble they’d have to simply getting the Battery Indicator to work for them (It refreshes slow and all. ) I know it was a lame example but its one of the things that piss me off whenever I use LXDE.
Plus the JetBrains’ tools dont work on any environment other than GNOME or KDE, but they might on this one…


Anas Ismail Khan


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