Yes, the town from the Back to The Future movies, it’s being recreated, London, for an upcoming ‘screening’. Available from 24th July – 10th August, being done by some _‘Secret Cinema’ _which is known for constructing such environments.. This is all being done probably as a tribute to the super-hit trilogy, as it’s almost 2015.

Though, our cars are still on the roads, and so are the traffic lights and stuff…  There still arent holographic billboards, or fully-functional, publicly-available hover-boards / self-lacing shoes; not yet.

Also the people neither dress like this, nor do they look all that dumb.

They are gonna recreate the whole scene, where the visitors would perhaps be taken through the whole time-travel experience Marty was shown to have undergone, with travels to perhaps both 1985 and ’55. And, at the very end, would be like a recreation of the _“Enchantment Under the Sea.” _The Ball at the end of the first part and part of which is also shown in the 3rd.