S4 League is a great free MMO game that perfectly blends nonstop shooter action with inspired anime visuals. It’s a stylish third person shooter with a fantastic and colorful anime attitude that is both terrific to look at and play. The neo Tokyo anime style features great poses and elegance in actions such as running, jumping, shooting and even flying in the detailed and resourceful maps. Best of all, the graphics aren’t very hardware consuming, so most computers will be able to run this awesome shooter.

You’re free to customize your character with hundreds of pieces of equipment, weapons and clothing, showing your futuristic style in this virtual show game. Then it’s time to choose the game mode between Deathmatch, Touchdown or the Chaser. An additional arcade mode let’s you just walk and show your skills while you eliminate tons of enemies.

S4 League is an acclaimed game with a huge playerbase of every level for you to battle. Besides being a fast paced action shooter, it’s also extremely fun to play, featuring a ranking system that will put you to the test.

Whats So great about it:
1.Great Visuals
2.Fast and Fun Gameplay
3.Customization Options