Those of you who didn’t bother to upgrade to 13.10 might be having trouble upgrading to the latest LTS… Yes you can not perform an “upgrade” but the word merely refers to the process where you upgrade using the updater tool just like you would update chrome or any other app while continuing to use the computer generally.
It doesn’t at all mean that if you are willing to save your files and settings, you have to upgrade first to 13.10 and then to 14.04. No.. despite how ridiculous it may sound, some did consider doing so.
All you need to do is download the ISO from the site, burn it onto a drive and boot, just like you would for a clean install. Start the installation process until you reach the part where it’d actually prompt you, and state that a previous version was found on this computer. You’d be presented with a number of options, one of which would be to upgrade from 13.04 to 14.04 LTS while preserving settings and files where possible.