My Friend is working on a fun project which is called Popular Followers. It allows you to sort your twitter followers on the amount of followers that they have. He wanted to find out if His trashness twitter account had any celebs/high-profile people following it, and didnt want to manually scan  1500 followers. Google showed him there was an awesome programmer (Raymond Camdon, he works for Adobe, is extremely productive, has adopted children) who had already tried to create such a tool, He emailed him to ask if hed be interested to collaborate with him on creating this simple tool for the masses. But designing such a small tool is easy, since they didnt need much more than a background, and a big-ass form box. The complete project, from the initial email, to deciding on a name, registering a domain, was finished in 24 hours. It took a bit longer before they actually launched, though. So hereby, dear readers of This blog Here it is: Popular Followers.