The Xbox One design was revealed a way before the PS4. Both had unveilings before the E3 press conference – a traditional launch pad for games consoles – but at the PS4’s early showing, we didn’t get to see the box. It was only shown off fully at E3, on 10 June.

What do they look like? The Xbox One is significantly larger than the PS4. It’s a chunky black mammoth that’s 10 per cent larger than the Xbox 360.

The Sony PS4 is relatively petite, with a slanted design that’s quite unlike the curved bods of the various PS3s, past and present. It can stand either flat or on its side, and it is significantly more lounge-friendly than the Xbox One – even though the Xbox has more lounge-centric features as a more ‘entertainment’ led console
Xbox One vs Sony PS4 – Price and Release Date

Xbox One – £429, November release
PS4 – £349, “holiday” 2013

We now know almost everything about the Xbox One and PS4. Including that the PS4 will be significantly cheaper than the Microsoft console – £80 less.

The Xbox One will go on sale for £429 in November, and the PS4 is scheduled to hit shelves in during “holiday” season of 2013. To translate that from American-ese, it’ll go on sale before Christmas, most likely around the same time as the Xbox One.

There are several reasons why the Xbox is more expensive than the PS4. Perhaps the most significant is that it comes with the Kinect sensor as standard, as it is required to operate the console. It’s not down to the core system components, though, as the PS4 is actually a little more powerful than the microsoft console.