Windows 8 comes with a built-in storage-pool feature, and Drive-Bender is a  ‘state of the art, single point storage pool technology’, and the upcoming PoolHD would be the “fastest and easiest way to create and maintain a storage pool of virtually infinite size.”

Now the question arises, what are these, so called, “Pools”? Well, before I answer that, let me explain what RAID Drives are, (though I’m no expert and to be honest, I myself didnt know anything about the two until a while ago.)

RAID, short for Redundant-Array-of-Independent-Disks, which bundles a group of hard-drives, in such a way that they function as a single _super-drive. _There are a few different kinds of RAID, each with its unique features and advantages.

A Storage-Pool, is similar to a RAID drive, or more like, a user-friendly-home-applicable _form of a RAID drive, that too brings multiple hard-drives or partitions together, so that they function as one _pooled-drive.