Yo, today was our robotics competition, The First Lego League(FLL). Dont ask what FLL is, just google it. The bots were built using the Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 kit. In the competition  we were judged on four things: The Robot Design, Robot Game, Core Values, and Project. Core values was all about how well you cooperate with your team members, while in the project, we were supposed to think of a problem faced by out elders, give an innovative solution for it, and present it in front of the judges. Our Team, “The After-Shocks” was the best in Robot design, and the game. Core Values too went well, however not the best. Project was a complete catastrophe as our solution to blindness (for that was the problem we chose) was nowhere near innovative. But it was the game and the design that we really rocked at. All the bots, but ours looked almost exactly the same, ours was the only one somewhere near innovative.

Now, to the game. Well, just before the competition, we were going awesome, the bots, not just ours for this was the case with everyone, went wacky. In the first round, we score 140. Second place, highest was 165. But in the next round we score 210 and then it seemed as if the other teams had no chance of catching  up, but then Team Lightning Strike score 202, and this clouded our chance of winning. The last round dint exactly go as well as it was supposed to, cause on the practice mat, the score was somewhere over 300, but on the competition, we only scored about 150. Even then, we were the best.

The trophies were made entirely out of lego, and we got two of them, for the design and game. The overall champion was Team Lightning Strike, as they were the only ones with a  successful presentation.