A common problem these days, which I myself have experienced, while installing Windows 8 CP, and PRO on my Dell INSPIRON N5110.

What actually happens is that, the initial part of the Windows Setup goes very well, and then the system goes down for reboot, at which, most people remove their installation media from the device. This is perfectly normal, and has nothing to do with what follows, i.e. It starts booting into Windows 8, and you can see the Win8 Logo, and the loading animation, which stays for a few seconds, and then fades away, leaving the screen all black,which refuses to show anything for hours, or should i say 


If the screen stays that way for more than a minute, then you are experiencing the same problem, to fix which, people usually keep on removing and installing the OS, and few even resort to performing a clean install.

Now, what I noticed, after clean-installing _the OS for the second time, was that if you plug-in an external monitor, it displays everything all right. Means that when it’s _showing the black screen, _and you’d think that nothing’s happening, it’s all working fine, i.e. all but the display. _YES!  It’s having trouble with, in simple terms, your laptop’s monitor. 

The cause of the problem, and the solution, no matter how obvious  it may seem, has got _absolutely nothing to do with drivers, _but the fact that your BIOS is outdated. So, to Fix it, all you gotta do is to grab the latest piece of software for you BIOS, and update it.

If you own a Dell, you can get all the latest Drivers here.