Ever wondered How people download large Movies and games?
THe answer is quite simple,
THey use torrents.

If you know what they are, and how they are used,
then this post is useless for you,

But if you dont,

then carry on!
Torrents are the data of the target file you need to download. These files contain nothing but the data about the locations of different pieces of the file, available on the web. THis also gives them resume capability, because they download the file bit by bit. I know this sounds strange and confusing, but the method is quite simple.
First of all, to download using torrents, you need a Bit torrent Client. I’d personally recommend Vuze(http://www.vuze.com/download/), or uTorrent ( http://www.utorrent.com/).
A bit torrent client is a TORRENT DOWNLOAD MANAGER. So, once u got one, the method is quite simple.
Just goto a torrent website,(there are dozens of them, However, the best one is Isohunt.) and search for the desired content. Choose a torrent and download it. (downloading torrents takes less than a second.) Run the torrent with ur torrent software. Select target folder for the download and proceed.
Your download has started.