This is a simple but useful trick for hiding folders in your phone without any special software/tool. This works in almost all phones, at least it did in every single one i tried.

Well, thats all you have to do.

  1. Name the folder “anything.jad“, at first this would be visible, But that’s normal.
  2. To hide it, all u have to do is, create another folder with the same name but  replace the last bit, i.e. the extension, (which in this case is jad,)with .Jar. That’s it.
  3. Now the Jar folder would be visible but the jad one wont.

Its not exactly the best choice, as the “.jar” is visible in the folders name, but still, its the quickest and easiest way, plus, not everyone knows about these extensions.

Note: To un-hide that jad folder, just delete the jar one.