The Graph Search really enhances the Facebook search, and with it, you are _slightly more likely to find who, or what you are looking for. _All you need to do is type your query in plain English (Just dont take this line _too _literally,) mind, dont go totally casual.

Graph search

↑The new Graph Search

In simple words, with the new graph search, “__Filtering Search Results” _is easier. All right, _lets go back to the past, (mind! only a few days back), with the Classic-old-Facebook-Search, _which some of you might still be using, let’s say that you want to search for a Guy named “_Jack Robinson” _who went to _“Oxford.” 

old search

↑The old classic search

You’d type “Jack Robinson” in the search bar and click on the search-button, (if _the person’s profile does not appear in the 1st few results,) _and once it dislays “_All Results”, _You’d go for a few search filters, adding which   isn’t much _user-friendly _either.

Now, with the new graph-search, all you need to do is type: “_People named Jack Robinson who went to Oxford.” _That’s it. Of course I cant guarantee that the graph search will always get you to the right thing, but the point is that it _does make searching for people or stuff easy, _and so far, to me, it’s returned naught but relevant results. It’s not exactly limited to 2 filters; you can add as many as you want e.g. “_People named Jack Robinson who went to Oxford and are friends of Sam Slater.” e.t.c. _It’s pretty flexible actually and really worth giving a try. 😉