An error i faced while trying to install Linux XP 2006 on a VirtualBox VM. The error is known to have been faced while installing Red Hat too, and the reason behind it is that neither of the two OS support SATA hard-drives, i.e.  at least the older versions didn’t, so I just unmounted the HDD from the SATA controller, and mounted the same HDD on the IDE controller. To do so in VBox,

  1. Power off the machine
  2. Goto the machine’s settings>Storage
  3. Right-Click on the HDD(under SATA in the storage tree), and click Remove attachment
  4. Add a hard-disk to the IDE controller and in the box that pops up, click “choose existing disk” 
  5. Now all you gotta do is browse to the HDD you just unmounted and select it.

That’s it. Start the VM, it ought to work fine now.