Another known issue, no biggie. What happens is that when the person tries to mount a windows partition on Ubuntu, they get this huge error saying that “the metadata kept in Windows cache refused to mount…” “the partition is in an unsafe state”  “not permitted” e.t.c.

Well, dont panic, the solution is present in the last few lines of the ‘error message,’ _only, not everyone realizes that, and often, it just doesnt work, _(that goes for Windows 8 users.)

The reason behind it being the fact that your ‘Windows’ might be in an hibernating state, a proper shut-down ought to do the trick, but windows 8 users might continue to get this error even after a shut-down. This is due to the fact that Windows 8 comes with a fast startup  feature that really does speed up, by _not shutting down _completely. So you might be clicking on the shutdown button, but what really happens is that the _Windows _goes into a hibernating state.

So, here’s what you gotta do. Login to Windows ,  and either disable the fast startup and shut-down properly, or you can do a normal restart, seeing as the _Fast Startup _doesnt apply to restarts.

To disable the fast startup feature, press start, to goto the start screen, and search(settings) for “Power Options.” _Click on _“Change settings that are currently unavailable” (administrator access required) _and under _Shutdown settings, ‘un-check’ _the ‘Turn on fast startup’ _button.

Thats it. Save changes and Shut-down.. or restart.