Old, but well, GOLD. ‘GTA United’ was a ‘total-conversion-mod’ for GTA San Andreas, which lacked in missions, but for free-roamers, It’s fun.

All features  are the same as SA, but the thing, that makes it special is it’s map, comprising only of, the whole of Liberty City(from GTA 3), and Vice City. The two cities are only _inter-accessible _by sea, or air; no land route.

The fun-part is that it kinda enhances GTA3 and Vice City, so the lack of missions doesnt account for much. All the Clubs, in both the cities are slightly real-er _as they are in SA. Same goes for the Clothing and ammunition stores. You no longer get _one outfit per store,  but can shop for whatever ones you like, but when it comes to the Ammunition stores(Ammu-Nation), I sometimes miss the vice-city ones; much faster, though i agree that they were not at all real, seeing as the dealer  hardly ever moved.

Apart from that, you can _swim, _which would come in handy while performing crazy stunts, while on the run from the law.