The newly launched, version of Android comes with its own range of exciting features, ranging from apparent _visual effects _to _not-to-apparent _security fixes.One of the apparent features being a user account system, Restricted Profiles as Google calls it. The purpose of the new user account feature, (i guess not much explanation required) is merely to ensure that _multiple-users-on-a-single-device _dont have much trouble managing their docs e.t.c. and yes it also kinda improves privacy, i.e. files you dont want other users to access.

Then there’s the support for Bluetooth Smart Devices, and yes some sort of built–in anti-virus tool, which i think wasnt there in the earlier versions, Actionable Notifications e.g. instant-reply to a just-received email, right from the notification bar, oh and it also includes dynamic widgets(that resize by themselves 😀 ), a smart-share feature, called the Android Beam similar to  the Galaxy s3’s S-beam.**

Another of its amazing features is the Photo Sphere, which is similar to a panorama _but that’s like a cyllinder while this is more like a whole sphere. Panoramas capture 360° horizontaly, while a Photo sphere captures 360° in _any direction.