On Feb 18, I posted about Slax – A Plug and Play OS, which is absolutely free, but often, some people who are not much into computers, have trouble installing it. The simple + quick method is:

  1. Download Slax. ZIP or ISO doesnt make much difference but personally, i prefer ISO. (and if u are not sure whether ur computer supports 64 bit or not, just download  the 32 bit version, which is recommended.)
  2. Download and run the Linux Live USB Creator.
  3. Choose the USB key, and select the ISO file.
  4. Persistent data; leave it to the reccommended settings.
  5. Check the options u want, and click on the lightning button to start the process.

That’s it! you are done. Once it has completed, just restart the computer and boot from the  usb. When it asks you for the user name and the password, input the following credentials

  • username= root
  • password= toor