The mod is one of the best I’ve ever played and it’s as convincing as it could be and the best thing about it is that it’s based on VC, and yet it makes the impossibles of modding-on-vc, _possible. _The Mod, in case you havent figured it out yet is based on the 1985 Super-hit comedy science-fiction Back To the Future Films, that are all about travelling through time and changing the past so as to ensure a better future, or should is say, the _present? _Well, watch the movies (if u havent already); definitely worth watching.

Anyways, to the Mod now, (assuming that you know all about the movie.) The game includes several Deloreans; the original DMC12, the modified DMC12(the first time machine) and as you travel into the Future, you unlock the BTTF2 and BTTF3 Time Machines, and a bonus model, _that’s based on the DMC13 and has the ability to teleport as well…( _No, _the last one _didnt exist in the movies).

Now to the gameplay; The last stable release 0.2e R2, and there used to be a number of differences between every 2 releases. So, in 0.2e, as you start the game, the player gets spawned at the Vercetti State(mansion) and the player’s textures have been slightly altered to resemble Marty McFly from BTTF. The first mission is some sort of tutorial that can be _skipped. _The first step is to get a Delorean and make it into a time machine, and to do so, you have to take it to Sunshine Autos, which would be marked in the radar with a D. Well, then you have to Drive the car straight into the _Import Garage _and once done, you’d be kinda prompted with a choice of unlocked Deloreans. In this case, just the BTTF1 Delorean.

Now once done tuning up the Vehicle, you’d have to acquire plutonium, that has to be stolen from The Libyan hideout, and the moment you do so, the Libyans would be on your tail, and you’d have no choice but to take a leap into the future, _while _on the run.
Once in the Future, you’d have to try out the BTTF2 Time Machine that has the ability to Fly too, and then you’d send it sometime else using the remote control, and fly back to the showroom in a flying Delorean, which would later be modded into a slightly advanced  time machine that can teleport you wherever you wish, and once done with that, you’d have passed the mission.. that’s it, however, I forgot to add that the once unlocked the BTTF2+ time machines, you wont need Plutonium, seeing as they run on Garbage, which is _everywhere. _A

As you go into the Future, you’d come across more Futuristic flying cars, including the convertible police car from the movie, and as u go back into the past, they’d be reduced to the classics, and eventually, nothing. As for the area, well, there wont be much change apart from a few buildings perhaps.

Apart from the tutorial, there’s another mission where Biff steals the unfinished prototype of the DMC13 time machine, and you have to chase him in a BTTF2 time machine and send him back to his time.

Well, that’s it, apart from that there’s this Time Train, that doesnt exactly need much fuel, and works well in almost all times, and this is it. Doesnt sound much, and yes it might get boring after sometime, but the mod is definitely worth trying out, and you can play around and do all sorts of tricks with it.