If you visit a site sporting GTA Mods, you’d see hundreds of Car mods, Player models, e.t.c. most of them containing naught but new models and textures. The question is “How to install them?” Do we have to erase the existing models, in order to replace them with the new ones? Yes!

So, to do this, the simplest and most user friendly way is to use  the IMG tool. So, once you’ve downloaded it(no install required), simply open the file gta3.img using the executable you just downloaded. The file can be found in the ‘Models’ folder.

Now, for example, if you are replacing the car “Banshee” with a mod you just downloaded, search for “Banshee.dff”, and “Banshee.txd”. Delete both, and if you dont feel good about it, you may backup; simply extract the files and store them somewhere.

Once deleted, just import the newer “Banshee.dff, and Banshee.txd.” That’s it. You’re done!

Note: Not every mod requires changes to be made in the ‘gta3.img’ file. Until VC, this was a.. well, STANDARD. But in SA, some player mods, e.g. Clothes e.t.c. might require opening “Player.img” But the procedure remains the same.