The First Lego League National Championship was held on Saturday 2nd March 2013, at the Lahore University of Management Sciences(LUMS), and everyone was expecting a lot from us, The Aftershocks, and who wouldn’t, after seeing our performance at the Regional. 😀

But we didnt live up to the expectations 🙁 , cause due to some reason, our bot went mad, and we didnt have the time nor the resources required to fix it, so the first two rounds at the robot game went terrible, but before the start of the very last match, of the very last round, we tuned up our bot a bit, and scored over two hundred. This brought us to the seventh position, which was a great deal for us, seeing as we were an underdog team, the last, in the first two rounds. The Robot Game Trophy was awarded to Musa’b School, with a high score of 280.

Now, coming to the Project. Well, the judges did really like our idea, which was a device, the “Comfort-Sole” that can be fit-ted inside any shoe, and would spray aerosol on the person’s heel whenever the pain-intensity-sensor gets a value over 60, but maybe it wasn’t good enough for the trophy, so the Project-Research Trophy went to the Team Lego-Core from Generations School Karachi.

And now (skipping over core-values) to the RObot Design. Ever since the other teams arrived at LUMS, and we saw their bots, we knew that the Robot Design Trophy was ours for sure 😎 , seeing as none of the other bots were anything close to ours, and guess what? We were right!

That leaves the overall championship, which was awarded to the Team Roots Pakistan from the Roots School Islamabad.

Well, overall, the experience wasnt that bad, and I should say that the LUMS Rausing Executive Development Centre (REDC) is quite some place to stay. 😉