Am I honestly the only one who thinks that?

  • They don’t hover.
  • They aren’t anything like a hoverboard is supposed to be.
  • People call them hoverboards.
  • They are slow and impractical. And therefore useless for the average Marty.
  • They cost a ridiculous amount.

I understand that the fact, that we don’t have hoverboards even after the BTTF day and its almost 2016, hurts.. Hoverboards are like the thing everyone expected to just somehow arrive with 2015, and then the year started and we were no closer to getting hoverboards then we were to getting an Android-based Apple device. Even then there was a small ray of hope.. that it wasn’t October ’15 yet, and so the world waited, until we were a day from the BTTF day and that was when we knew that we weren’t getting them, but did that mean we had to go for such a bullshit substitute? The “substitute” that doesn’t even remotely come half as close to the hoverboards in the movie as the first maglev based hoverboard.. or the Lexus one, or the Hendo?

Buy them if you want people, but please don’t call them hoverboards.