I’ve been part of this Pottermore fb group, for a long now, that’s primarily dominated by Indians. The average member of that group is a fairly intellectual fan-girl with a lot of emotion. Now the thing about that emotion is that it shows the most when someone challenges your belief about the characters by lashing at the ones you love and praising the ones you hate.

A while ago, under a post about Ron, this girl posted the following comment:


Because she was known for being a Ron fangirl, people mostly found this funny and therefore refrained from starting a comment war below it. I however thought it would be funny to write a post about how Ron was a dumbass and include this screenshot to back my statements. I wrote:

Just another one of those things that need to be said. I don’t care if you don’t like it. It is true. Ron was a dumbass who stuck around Harry because he wanted attention. Also, he only slowed them down.

P.S. James Potter was an asshole and deserved far worse than he got.

And I turned off commenting. As intended, this pissed off a lot of people including that girl whose comment was attached to the post. She actually created a new post with a screenshot of my post and wrote something along the lines of:

Guys, if you want to talk about that post, do it here.

Obviously, there was an awful lot of hate down there.

Two days back, I posted this:

Can we talk about how insensitive a friend Ron is? Harry had been gone for like hours and neither he nor Hermione had any clue about his whereabouts. The last they’d heard from him was when he’d told them that he was off to tail Malfoy, his ARCHENEMY. And Ron is least bothered by it. We have Hermione who hasn’t eaten a single bite and is worried sick about Harry because she is Harry’s true friend and then we have Ron, the dumb clown who is always hungry for everything from food to attention.


This one had the best reaction of them all. I didn’t even turn off commenting this time because I wanted people to comment to their hearts desire because I knew it would be hilarious. Along this time, some people started to wonder if I was just trolling and enjoyed reading the hate comments. Some thought their replies had scared me away. I decided to not reply to any of them.

Anyways, yesterday I posted this:

Screenshot from 2018-02-11 10-52-15

Yes I know it’s hilarious. No one could comment on it until 3 hours ago when and admin decided to abuse their power and turn on commenting following which, everyone jumped in and left comments like “Yes!” “Yes, of course.” “He was.” I could have turned off commenting again but I couldn’t delete the comments that were already there. So I edited the post and now it says:

Comment on this post if you think James potter was a jerk and deserved far worse than he got.

So far, no one seems to have noticed it because it hasn’t really gotten a reaction, but I’m sure that when it does, I’ll have a good laugh.