Wordo – The Only Truly Free Dictionary on the Web

I am a student, and every now and then I come across a term too complex for me to understand, (or perhaps not too complex but alien,) and thus I have to Google things a lot, and half the time its such terms. The results would of course direct me to some other site, and some of them would have stupid lag-gy popups, while others with flashy ads or too Bland an interface.

Wordo is free from all this. The interface is really clean and only that which is required is on the page. No ads, no popups, no surveys nothing to distract you, instead a huge mature font to provide maximum readability. Apart from that, the simplicity of the interface also ensures minimum lag.

To sum it all up in a single sentence, Wordo is a true dictionary, on which, the user’s activity does not extend beyond anything that he isn’t willing to do. Give it a try and you’d know…


Anas Ismail Khan


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