The New Facebook Graph Search Feature

The Graph Search really enhances the Facebook search, and with it, you are slightly more likely to find who, or what you are looking for. All you need to do is type your query in plain English (Just dont take this line too literally,) mind, dont go totally casual.

Graph search

↑The new Graph Search

In simple words, with the new graph search, Filtering Search Results” is easier. All right, lets go back to the past, (mind! only a few days back), with the Classic-old-Facebook-Search, which some of you might still be using, let’s say that you want to search for a Guy named “Jack Robinson” who went to “Oxford.” 

old search

↑The old classic search

You’d type “Jack Robinson” in the search bar and click on the search-button, (if the person’s profile does not appear in the 1st few results,) and once it dislays “All Results”, You’d go for a few search filters, adding which   isn’t much user-friendly either.

Now, with the new graph-search, all you need to do is type: “People named Jack Robinson who went to Oxford.” That’s it. Of course I cant guarantee that the graph search will always get you to the right thing, but the point is that it does make searching for people or stuff easy, and so far, to me, it’s returned naught but relevant results. It’s not exactly limited to 2 filters; you can add as many as you want e.g. “People named Jack Robinson who went to Oxford and are friends of Sam Slater.” e.t.c. It’s pretty flexible actually and really worth giving a try. 😉


Anas Ismail Khan


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