Running StartX in Ubuntu screws up “login” [FIXED]

Two days back, I out of curiosity, fired up a terminal and typed in startx, with the hope that the UI would be reduced to naught but the original form of the X. At first it displayed an error, saying that i’m not permitted to. But then I tried again, and this time with a ‘sudo.’ The moment I entered my password, the screen went all dark, but only for a second, after which I was left with naught but a blank desktop, free from menus. Sensing failure, I opened another terminal and wrote ‘unity.’ Something similar happened, but this time, the title bar of the terminal kinda got stuck to the top of the screen. I tried the same command again, and this time, I was brought back to where i started. The terminal in which i had typed the startx command was still there, however i failed to notice that the user logged into it wasn’t my primary user account but root. I didn’t really notice anything unusual, except that the settings dropdown, present in the top-right, in the gnome bar, wasn’t showing up the options it ought to, so I restarted the computer by simply pressing the power button.

After the reboot, whenever I’d attempt a login, I’d be greeted by a dark screen, and after like a fraction of second, I’d be back on the Login Page. But the guest account seemed to work fine, so I logged into it and created another Administrator account, and on that one, I tried recreating the problem and was successful. Okay, now we might get somewhere…

Now what I did, that fixed the problem, was this:
I logged into the account, i.e the first one where i screwed everything up, via the tty1 terminal (Ctrl + Alt + F1), and ran the following commands:

sudo rm /home/anas/.Xauthority*
sudo apt-get install --reinstall xorg --fix-missing

The first one deletes the file, while the second re-installs Xorg. After this, I was able to login to the account again.


Anas Ismail Khan


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