Animating Vegeta – The Power of CSS3 and Sprites

Check this out before you read any further.
Some time back, I googled the term “sprite”, [I tend to forget what it is (not anymore though)], and in return was presented with a fine number of them, however, my eyes were quick to notice that the very first one of the results featured a few actions of Vegeta, one of the main characters from DragonBall Z. I thought it’d be cool if I tried creating a program, a web-page to be precise where one could animate Vegeta, by merely clicking on buttons.
So well, on May 21, around sunset, i got to work. I googled and checked out a number of sprites until I finally decided on this one.
Though I had initially decided to do it purely using JS, but then it hit me, that CSS3 supports animations so why not use that?
Anyways, as soon as I began, I realized that this sprite is not very well suited to the job and thus I had no choice but to slice it up into several smaller ones, each representing a different move. I started with the ‘stance’. Made a four step sprite which initially was 176×83. And tried animating it. Still the problem that remained was that I couldn’t get it to work like I wanted it to. What was happening was that the Image would just Slide from left to right. After like an hour or two I finally managed to get it right. Turned out that the number of “Steps” I was wasnt well suited to the initial and final positions  I had defined in the keyframes. In the end, I managed to get it right. I used 4 steps and set the final keyframes to ‘-widthOfImage.’ That was it.  Now all I had to do was to create sprites for the other moves.
Next I tried the “duck-and-punch,”  which too worked like a charm with the existing code. But as I progressed, I realized that the size wasnt well suited to all actions. Some required a broader frame, while some (initially) required more than 4 steps, and that was when I somehow messed up the keyframes and wasted another hour fixing them. In the end, I decided to 4 steps where possible, (I actually ommited some of the images), and to use a 300×87 canvas, where each frame was 75×87.
Tried them all one by one by replacing the url in the code. All worked like a charm. Now I moved on to the ‘kamehamehaa'(s). The problem with these was that both the sprites were of 6 steps, so I had put them off for later. However the number of steps didnt make much difference except for the fact that I had to update the number of steps in the CSS , and resize the box everytime.
Now to the UI. What actually happens is that when you click on any of the buttons, it calls out a JS function which replaces the URL of the image with a different one, and thus a new sprite replaces the existing and thus is seen to perform a different action. Also, the function restores the original ‘stance’ sprite after the animation has completed one cycle.
As for the 6-step Kamehamehaa(s), I wrote a different function and keyframes. Now this function though worked in a similar manner, it would update the animation attribute (keyframes and steps) along with the image, and once completed one cycle, it’d restore the original keyframes and image. That was all.
As for the Energy bar, I declared a variable, initially equal to 50. Every Kamehameha decreases it by 10, while the rest increase it by 5. The Bar is updated every time the variable is updated, it’s width being directly proportional to the value of the var.


RIP Tom Clancy – The "story-writer" of Splinter Cell… DEAD.

Tom Clancy
Tom Clancy, American, and well known to gamers as the guy behind the storylines of Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six, died on the 1st of October 2013, i.e. a few days back yes. If one would step out of the gaming world, they’d realise that there was more to him than just producing games. He wrote a number of books, but almost all of his works, at least the ones i know of, were all really about warfare, military e.t.c.
At the age of 66, he died of some sort of illness, the nature of which wasn’t really made public.


GTA VC Back To the Future Hill Valley Mod

The mod is one of the best I’ve ever played and it’s as convincing as it could be and the best thing about it is that it’s based on VC, and yet it makes the impossibles of modding-on-vc, possible. The Mod, in case you havent figured it out yet is based on the 1985 Super-hit comedy science-fiction Back To the Future Films, that are all about travelling through time and changing the past so as to ensure a better future, or should is say, the present? Well, watch the movies (if u havent already); definitely worth watching.
Anyways, to the Mod now, (assuming that you know all about the movie.) The game includes several Deloreans; the original DMC12, the modified DMC12(the first time machine) and as you travel into the Future, you unlock the BTTF2 and BTTF3 Time Machines, and a bonus model, that’s based on the DMC13 and has the ability to teleport as well…( No, the last one didnt exist in the movies).
Now to the gameplay; The last stable release 0.2e R2, and there used to be a number of differences between every 2 releases. So, in 0.2e, as you start the game, the player gets spawned at the Vercetti State(mansion) and the player’s textures have been slightly altered to resemble Marty McFly from BTTF. The first mission is some sort of tutorial that can be skipped. The first step is to get a Delorean and make it into a time machine, and to do so, you have to take it to Sunshine Autos, which would be marked in the radar with a D. Well, then you have to Drive the car straight into the Import Garage and once done, you’d be kinda prompted with a choice of unlocked Deloreans. In this case, just the BTTF1 Delorean.
Now once done tuning up the Vehicle, you’d have to acquire plutonium, that has to be stolen from The Libyan hideout, and the moment you do so, the Libyans would be on your tail, and you’d have no choice but to take a leap into the future, while on the run.
Once in the Future, you’d have to try out the BTTF2 Time Machine that has the ability to Fly too, and then you’d send it sometime else using the remote control, and fly back to the showroom in a flying Delorean, which would later be modded into a slightly advanced  time machine that can teleport you wherever you wish, and once done with that, you’d have passed the mission.. that’s it, however, I forgot to add that the once unlocked the BTTF2+ time machines, you wont need Plutonium, seeing as they run on Garbage, which is everywhere. A
As you go into the Future, you’d come across more Futuristic flying cars, including the convertible police car from the movie, and as u go back into the past, they’d be reduced to the classics, and eventually, nothing. As for the area, well, there wont be much change apart from a few buildings perhaps.
Apart from the tutorial, there’s another mission where Biff steals the unfinished prototype of the DMC13 time machine, and you have to chase him in a BTTF2 time machine and send him back to his time.
Well, that’s it, apart from that there’s this Time Train, that doesnt exactly need much fuel, and works well in almost all times, and this is it. Doesnt sound much, and yes it might get boring after sometime, but the mod is definitely worth trying out, and you can play around and do all sorts of tricks with it.


S4 League Snow Drop Dual Magmum

Well As You Know S4 League is Getting Better And You get Pleasure BY having Fun and we all Dramed of using dual pistols in a game with cool skils (or maybe not) S4 Gave us dual magmum and a Capsule that is both For Ben and buyable credits Today my luck was maxed and i got the dual magmum spec edition Called Dual Magmum Snow Drop Well Every Special Edition Weapon needs some specs Like Hp + 5 sp +5  movement +3% and attack + 11 and this is also on the pen shop so you can get it now and get experienced to the Dual Pistolizing of S4 (gamesite)


Working with 'models' in GTA

If you visit a site sporting GTA Mods, you’d see hundreds of Car mods, Player models, e.t.c. most of them containing naught but new models and textures. The question is “How to install them?” Do we have to erase the existing models, in order to replace them with the new ones? Yes!
So, to do this, the simplest and most user friendly way is to use  the IMG tool. So, once you’ve downloaded it(no install required), simply open the file gta3.img using the executable you just downloaded. The file can be found in the ‘Models’ folder.
Now, for example, if you are replacing the car “Banshee” with a mod you just downloaded, search for “Banshee.dff”, and “Banshee.txd”. Delete both, and if you dont feel good about it, you may backup; simply extract the files and store them somewhere.
Once deleted, just import the newer “Banshee.dff, and Banshee.txd.” That’s it. You’re done!

Note: Not every mod requires changes to be made in the ‘gta3.img’ file. Until VC, this was a.. well, STANDARD. But in SA, some player mods, e.g. Clothes e.t.c. might require opening “Player.img” But the procedure remains the same.


Xbox one vs PS4

The Xbox One design was revealed a way before the PS4. Both had unveilings before the E3 press conference – a traditional launch pad for games consoles – but at the PS4’s early showing, we didn’t get to see the box. It was only shown off fully at E3, on 10 June.
What do they look like? The Xbox One is significantly larger than the PS4. It’s a chunky black mammoth that’s 10 per cent larger than the Xbox 360.
The Sony PS4 is relatively petite, with a slanted design that’s quite unlike the curved bods of the various PS3s, past and present. It can stand either flat or on its side, and it is significantly more lounge-friendly than the Xbox One – even though the Xbox has more lounge-centric features as a more ‘entertainment’ led console
Xbox One vs Sony PS4 – Price and Release Date
Xbox One – £429, November release
PS4 – £349, “holiday” 2013
We now know almost everything about the Xbox One and PS4. Including that the PS4 will be significantly cheaper than the Microsoft console – £80 less.
The Xbox One will go on sale for £429 in November, and the PS4 is scheduled to hit shelves in during “holiday” season of 2013. To translate that from American-ese, it’ll go on sale before Christmas, most likely around the same time as the Xbox One.
There are several reasons why the Xbox is more expensive than the PS4. Perhaps the most significant is that it comes with the Kinect sensor as standard, as it is required to operate the console. It’s not down to the core system components, though, as the PS4 is actually a little more powerful than the microsoft console.


S4 league


S4 League is a great free MMO game that perfectly blends nonstop shooter action with inspired anime visuals. It’s a stylish third person shooter with a fantastic and colorful anime attitude that is both terrific to look at and play. The neo Tokyo anime style features great poses and elegance in actions such as running, jumping, shooting and even flying in the detailed and resourceful maps. Best of all, the graphics aren’t very hardware consuming, so most computers will be able to run this awesome shooter.
You’re free to customize your character with hundreds of pieces of equipment, weapons and clothing, showing your futuristic style in this virtual show game. Then it’s time to choose the game mode between Deathmatch, Touchdown or the Chaser. An additional arcade mode let’s you just walk and show your skills while you eliminate tons of enemies.
S4 League is an acclaimed game with a huge playerbase of every level for you to battle. Besides being a fast paced action shooter, it’s also extremely fun to play, featuring a ranking system that will put you to the test.
Whats So great about it:
1.Great Visuals
2.Fast and Fun Gameplay
3.Customization Options



Old, but well, GOLD. ‘GTA United’ was a ‘total-conversion-mod’ for GTA San Andreas, which lacked in missions, but for free-roamers, It’s fun.
All features  are the same as SA, but the thing, that makes it special is it’s map, comprising only of, the whole of Liberty City(from GTA 3), and Vice City. The two cities are only inter-accessible by sea, or air; no land route.
The fun-part is that it kinda enhances GTA3 and Vice City, so the lack of missions doesnt account for much. All the Clubs, in both the cities are slightly real-er as they are in SA. Same goes for the Clothing and ammunition stores. You no longer get one outfit per store,  but can shop for whatever ones you like, but when it comes to the Ammunition stores(Ammu-Nation), I sometimes miss the vice-city ones; much faster, though i agree that they were not at all real, seeing as the dealer  hardly ever moved.
Apart from that, you can swim, which would come in handy while performing crazy stunts, while on the run from the law.