October 21, 2015

We have till then to develop the hover-board, while rumor has it that Nike has already started working on the self-lacing shoes. In which case, I guess, it’s also safe to put off the hover-conversion, I’ve been dreaming of for my car, till then.


Code-names of Debian's Releases

Buzz? as in Lightyear?
As if there’s any other Buzz!

Umm, yes. I think there is, but it’s of course too much of a coincidence that every single one of Debian’s releases is code-named after Toy Story characters.
Rex, Bo, Hamm, Slink, they’re all there, not to mention Woody. And guess what? Even Wheezy made it, (though i hope that was after he got his squeaker fixed.) Now to follow is Jessie, but Damn! That’s one long wait for Buzz, but on the plus side, she’s almost there.