PakFacebook is a social network, that was launched as an alternative right after Facebook was banned for the first time in Pakistan, that did kinda resemble the real facebook, in both i.e. the visuals, and the functionality. 
After coming across a link on Facebook, that led me to phpfox, which is a complete social networking solution, I realize that Pakfacebook is highly or should I say totally based on phpFox, or the latter on the former, cause there’s no saying who owns which. But I’ve seen enough to tell that it’s the same thing.


Introducing "Stories' Notifications" on Facebook WEB.

The news-feed, a constantly updating, “feed” of stories from pages or people you’ve subscribed to, or those who are part of your friend list.
The Mobile App had this notifier feature that would inform you of any recent activity, new stories, that have to be displayed on the news-feed.

story notifier - Android

The  “New Stories”  notifier from ‘Facebook for Android’

Now Facebook brings the same feature to its Web version, though things work a li’l differently here, yet I assure you, it does work, infact, better. So, this new feature is nicely integrated into the new “bar” introduced along with the graph search, and whenever there’s some recent activity (that’s too noble to be displayed in the ticker and thus is included in the news feed), It’ll display a small counter next to the Home button/link on the top-left part of the bar.


The notifier from the ‘web version’ of Facebook. See the 2? yeah thats the ‘counter.’



Nokia Lumia 1020, the first such smartphone to go 41MP

The Lumia 1020
The Nokia Lumia 1020, that’s said to be available on AT&T by the 26th of July, makes even the best of DSLR’s look inferior, it’s own rear-camera being  41MP with a max resolution of 7712 x 5360. Lenses: Zeiss, Flash is Xenon for still-captures, while there’s an LED one for Videos, their quality being 1080p, 30fps.
So well, let’s move to the rest of the specifications; Starting with Display. Screen-size is 4.5″, 15:9 aspect ratio, AMOLED Gorrilla Glass. Processor’s a 1.5GHz Dual-core snapdragon; slight disappointment for those expecting a quad-core. RAM 2GB, and Storage capacity 32GB, and front-camera is 1.2MP; another dissappointment.  
Well, quite a charm, and i’d love to get my hands on one. Who cares if it aint quad-core eh? It’s 41MP, and well, 2GB of RAM aint bad either. + its not-being-a-quad-core makes it comparatively more-affordable, seeing as the same model with a quad-core wont exactly go cheap. 


Unable to mount Windows partition on Ubuntu&Windows Dual-boot [Ubuntu]

Another known issue, no biggie. What happens is that when the person tries to mount a windows partition on Ubuntu, they get this huge error saying that “the metadata kept in Windows cache refused to mount…” “the partition is in an unsafe state”  “not permitted” e.t.c.
Well, dont panic, the solution is present in the last few lines of the ‘error message,’ only, not everyone realizes that, and often, it just doesnt work, (that goes for Windows 8 users.)
The reason behind it being the fact that your ‘Windows’ might be in an hibernating state, a proper shut-down ought to do the trick, but windows 8 users might continue to get this error even after a shut-down. This is due to the fact that Windows 8 comes with a fast startup  feature that really does speed up, by not shutting down completely. So you might be clicking on the shutdown button, but what really happens is that the Windows goes into a hibernating state.
So, here’s what you gotta do. Login to Windows ,  and either disable the fast startup and shut-down properly, or you can do a normal restart, seeing as the Fast Startup doesnt apply to restarts.
To disable the fast startup feature, press start, to goto the start screen, and search(settings) for “Power Options.” Click on “Change settings that are currently unavailable” (administrator access required) and under Shutdown settings, ‘un-check’ the ‘Turn on fast startup’ button.
Thats it. Save changes and Shut-down.. or restart.