MACBuntu messed up the Global Menu [Ubuntu]

Ubuntu’s Unity interface greatly resembles that of MacOSX, and that includes The Global menu, AKA The Mac Menu, which shows the Application menu(File, View, Edit, e.t.c.)  in the top bar. 

Macbuntu, an Ubuntu to MacOSX Transformation pack, which i was so tempted to try, didnt work too well for me, and thus I uninstalled it. Yet, it left the scars; in this case, by permanently messing up the global menu. 
This is how i fixed it. (terminal):
sudo apt-get install appmenu-gtk appmenu-gtk3 appmenu-qt indicator-appmenu


WINE installation Messed up fonts [Ubuntu]

A known problem that I myself experienced, when I logged into Facebook, after rebooting to complete the installation of WINE. A tool that aims at enabling windows programs to run on other platforms.
So, what actually happens is that WINE installs a number of Microsoft Fonts, and well,  I guess, one of them happens to be on Facebook’s alternative fonts, (the default one being Lucida Grande, which is NOT included in the package installed by WINE).
The problem can be fixed by simply uninstalling the package ‘msttcorefonts.’ You can do this either via the ‘Ubuntu Software Center’, or the terminal.
To do this via the terminal, use:
sudo apt-get remove msttcorefonts


Working with 'models' in GTA

If you visit a site sporting GTA Mods, you’d see hundreds of Car mods, Player models, e.t.c. most of them containing naught but new models and textures. The question is “How to install them?” Do we have to erase the existing models, in order to replace them with the new ones? Yes!
So, to do this, the simplest and most user friendly way is to use  the IMG tool. So, once you’ve downloaded it(no install required), simply open the file gta3.img using the executable you just downloaded. The file can be found in the ‘Models’ folder.
Now, for example, if you are replacing the car “Banshee” with a mod you just downloaded, search for “Banshee.dff”, and “Banshee.txd”. Delete both, and if you dont feel good about it, you may backup; simply extract the files and store them somewhere.
Once deleted, just import the newer “Banshee.dff, and Banshee.txd.” That’s it. You’re done!

Note: Not every mod requires changes to be made in the ‘gta3.img’ file. Until VC, this was a.. well, STANDARD. But in SA, some player mods, e.g. Clothes e.t.c. might require opening “Player.img” But the procedure remains the same.


Whats New in Ubuntu 13.04 'Raring Ringtail'?

Raring Ringtail is a short term release, which would be supported for 9 months, successor to Ubuntu 12.10 Quantam Quetzal.
Excitedly, most of the users have made the switch, almost of them expecting to see a real change in the OS. This could be partly due to the fact that they’ve got tired of using the same old interface, and can do with slight changes, and partly due to the fact that they aren’t satisfied with its performance.
The question arises, is there anything new in new-est version of the OS?
Well, there have certainly been a few slight changes, i.e. visual ones, that include an “ubuntu one” icon in the top bar, similar to that of the “CloudApp” in MacOSX. Apart from that, there is now a BT menu in the top bar, with a few essential options."Screenshot
The “Dash” icon, has been changed to.. well, this:
13.04 icons icons 12.10

13.04’s launcher vs 12.10s (sorry for the poor quality of the latter.)

Similarly, the “Software Center” icon has been redefined along with the “Workspaces” Icon, (which by the way are not enabled in 13.04 by default; see this post), and what used to be the “Home Folder” in the older versions, is now known as “File Manager,” (complete with a new icon.) All the icons are now slightly more pointed, means the corners are less round.
So, these were all the visual changes. Now to performance.
I’m sorry to say that it’s still the same old ubuntu, still a bit slow, even on “hi-fi” spec-ed computers. YET, i can see a reduce in the lags, e.g. it actually used to hang whenever i’d start a VM in 12.10, but in 13.04, i actually managed to run a VM alongside Chrome and the software center!


The Java Based Windows 8 Explorer for Mobile Devices?

The Windows 8 Mobile – Java Explorer” is a really advanced file explorer for classic mobile devices, that don’t exactly support advanced computing (dear me, im not sure whether or not this was the right term.) Such devices include all Nokia OS(s40), Symbian phones (at least nokia’s) and every other device that supports Java Apps.
I’ve tested it on a Nokia 2700 Classic, Nokia C3-01, Nokia X2-01, Touchtel SOLO,  Nokia C101, oh yeah and a BlackBerry Curve 9300.
Now what exactly is so good about it. Well, glossing over the few basic and essential file-management utilites, i.e. cut, copy, paste, move e.t.c. , It comes with a fully featured archiver, capable of opening, extracting and even creating ZIP, RAR, BZIP e.t.c. and even JAR and NTH archives.
Apart from that, it has an in built FTP utility, using which, you can remotely file-manage another device connected to yours via Bluetooth.
Well, that’s all I can remember right now, but i assure you, that’s not all, it has several other features, and well, believe it or not, it’s the best File-Manager that exists for such devices. An alternative is the Moby Explorer which is kinda based on the former, but is slightly short on a few features that it has replaced with his own.  So both are worth trying.
Do give em a try if your device supports them. 😉


The New Facebook Graph Search Feature

The Graph Search really enhances the Facebook search, and with it, you are slightly more likely to find who, or what you are looking for. All you need to do is type your query in plain English (Just dont take this line too literally,) mind, dont go totally casual.
Graph search

↑The new Graph Search

In simple words, with the new graph search, Filtering Search Results” is easier. All right, lets go back to the past, (mind! only a few days back), with the Classic-old-Facebook-Search, which some of you might still be using, let’s say that you want to search for a Guy named “Jack Robinson” who went to “Oxford.” 
old search

↑The old classic search

You’d type “Jack Robinson” in the search bar and click on the search-button, (if the person’s profile does not appear in the 1st few results,) and once it dislays “All Results”, You’d go for a few search filters, adding which   isn’t much user-friendly either.
Now, with the new graph-search, all you need to do is type: “People named Jack Robinson who went to Oxford.” That’s it. Of course I cant guarantee that the graph search will always get you to the right thing, but the point is that it does make searching for people or stuff easy, and so far, to me, it’s returned naught but relevant results. It’s not exactly limited to 2 filters; you can add as many as you want e.g. “People named Jack Robinson who went to Oxford and are friends of Sam Slater.” e.t.c. It’s pretty flexible actually and really worth giving a try. 😉


Xbox one vs PS4

The Xbox One design was revealed a way before the PS4. Both had unveilings before the E3 press conference – a traditional launch pad for games consoles – but at the PS4’s early showing, we didn’t get to see the box. It was only shown off fully at E3, on 10 June.
What do they look like? The Xbox One is significantly larger than the PS4. It’s a chunky black mammoth that’s 10 per cent larger than the Xbox 360.
The Sony PS4 is relatively petite, with a slanted design that’s quite unlike the curved bods of the various PS3s, past and present. It can stand either flat or on its side, and it is significantly more lounge-friendly than the Xbox One – even though the Xbox has more lounge-centric features as a more ‘entertainment’ led console
Xbox One vs Sony PS4 – Price and Release Date
Xbox One – £429, November release
PS4 – £349, “holiday” 2013
We now know almost everything about the Xbox One and PS4. Including that the PS4 will be significantly cheaper than the Microsoft console – £80 less.
The Xbox One will go on sale for £429 in November, and the PS4 is scheduled to hit shelves in during “holiday” season of 2013. To translate that from American-ese, it’ll go on sale before Christmas, most likely around the same time as the Xbox One.
There are several reasons why the Xbox is more expensive than the PS4. Perhaps the most significant is that it comes with the Kinect sensor as standard, as it is required to operate the console. It’s not down to the core system components, though, as the PS4 is actually a little more powerful than the microsoft console.


S4 league


S4 League is a great free MMO game that perfectly blends nonstop shooter action with inspired anime visuals. It’s a stylish third person shooter with a fantastic and colorful anime attitude that is both terrific to look at and play. The neo Tokyo anime style features great poses and elegance in actions such as running, jumping, shooting and even flying in the detailed and resourceful maps. Best of all, the graphics aren’t very hardware consuming, so most computers will be able to run this awesome shooter.
You’re free to customize your character with hundreds of pieces of equipment, weapons and clothing, showing your futuristic style in this virtual show game. Then it’s time to choose the game mode between Deathmatch, Touchdown or the Chaser. An additional arcade mode let’s you just walk and show your skills while you eliminate tons of enemies.
S4 League is an acclaimed game with a huge playerbase of every level for you to battle. Besides being a fast paced action shooter, it’s also extremely fun to play, featuring a ranking system that will put you to the test.
Whats So great about it:
1.Great Visuals
2.Fast and Fun Gameplay
3.Customization Options