Torrents vs Magnet Links

When we download stuff using torrents, we first download a *.torrent file and run it with our bittorrent client. The torrent file contains information that leads to the download.
Magnet Links are such that, when clicked on, start your default torrent client and start off with the download immediately, without the *.torrent file.
It saves time(hardly a minute though), and well, wont clutter your disk with stupid files worth no more than a few KBs.


VirtualBox-VM fit to screen

When i first installed Ubuntu inside a VirtualBoxVM on my laptop, i noticed that it didnt make proper use of the widescreen. The display was a small square box in the middle of the scree which kinda bothered me. To overcome this, just install the guest additions. To do so, press HOST + D. There you go. The auto-installer will take care of the rest.
Sit back and relax while the process completes, and then restart the VM.


Linux XP

Linux XP Desktop is a discontinued distribution of Linux which is based on Fedora, and bits of Red Hat.
The interface is based on the GNOME desktop, and, as the name suggests, has been designed to imitate the Windows XP environment (they haven’t exactly done a very clean job though, and is capable of running several windows applications using WINE.


ReactOS – The free alternative to Microsoft Windows

The React OS project is an operating system written from scratch that follows the design and architecture of Windows NT. The idea behind it was to launch a free and open-source operating system that would enable windows programs and drivers to run on your PC.
Now, what you must be thinking is: “Why the hell would one want to go for such an OS when we already have got Windows?” Well, that’s cause ReactOS is free and open-source, means that you are free to customize it to suit your needs. It’s not just an alternative, but a free alternative to Microsoft Windows.
It’s pretty light actually. You can download it from the reactOS site, though i’d advise you to try it on a VM first, cause you might not find it as interesting as it sounds.


No hard drives been found – Linux XP/Red Hat

An error i faced while trying to install Linux XP 2006 on a VirtualBox VM. The error is known to have been faced while installing Red Hat too, and the reason behind it is that neither of the two OS support SATA hard-drives, i.e.  at least the older versions didn’t, so I just unmounted the HDD from the SATA controller, and mounted the same HDD on the IDE controller. To do so in VBox,

  1. Power off the machine
  2. Goto the machine’s settings>Storage
  3. Right-Click on the HDD(under SATA in the storage tree), and click Remove attachment
  4. Add a hard-disk to the IDE controller and in the box that pops up, click “choose existing disk” 
  5. Now all you gotta do is browse to the HDD you just unmounted and select it.

That’s it. Start the VM, it ought to work fine now.


Recover Partitions after Uninstalling Linux – "Not enough space on the disk to complete this operation" Disk management

Often users face this problem, after uninstalling Linux, and re-partitioning the un-allocated space. What actually happens is that they keep on getting stupid errors saying “Not enough space on the disk to complete this operation,” whenever they try to create new partitions using the Disk Management tool in Windows.
The reason behind being that the Windows Disk Manager is not… Ah capable of creating partitions in the middle of the disk, and thus, it displays the error. Users who created the Linux partitions at the end of the HDD, wont face any such difficulties.
Anyways, the solution is to go for some advanced partitioning tool e.g. GParted which is for Linux. There might be a Windows compatible version, but I never was successful with my searches, so you might wanna go for the Ease Us Partition Master, which comes with a lot of advanced features, and would certainly get you across this error.


Uninstalling Ubuntu From a win7&ubuntu Dual-boot Using Windows 7

Ubuntu, based on Linux  though is free and open-source, not everyone would be satisfied with it, as an average user would get pissed off in a week, because there arent many of the desired apps available for Ubuntu  and those that are, people get a hard time installing them. I haven’t got anything against Ubuntu, and I’m not asking anyone to stop using it, but those that regret installing it in the first place, here’s how you can uninstall it.


Get rid of the "This Copy of Windows is not genuine" error in Windows 7 Ultimate

Often when you’ve got updates on, there comes a time when your desktop background disappears, and you keep on getting errors and popups saying that your copy of windows is not genuine, and stuff like “you might be a victim of software counterfeiting.” The reason behind is that you are using a pirated version of Windows which you didn’t obtain the legal way. Now the point is that these errors and popups can be annoying, and people would always welcome a cure, and well here’s one. I’m not encouraging anyone to go for pirated software, but i’m still posting the solution cause not everyone can afford to buy their own licensed copy of windows.;-)
So getting rid of the error is quick, simple and clean though a bit annoying as you need to restart twice in a row.

  1. Goto Windows update and click on the link on the bottom left corner, saying “installed updates.”
  2. Look for the update KB971033, and uninstall it (right-click>uninstall,) and reboot.
  3. Run Command Prompt as Administrator. To do so, just press start, type cmd, and on the first link, right-click>Run As Administrator.
  4. In the CMD window, type the following command: slmgr.vbs -rearm, and press enter.  At first, nothing would happpen, but this is normal, but after a few seconds, a box would pop up, saying that you need to reboot for the changes to take effect. Well, do as it says.

Note: This would only rid you of the WGA notifications and popups, but remember, this wont fool it into believing that you are using genuine windows, means that you’d still be unable to use the Security Essentials.