Confessions trend on Facebook

Nowadays, you cant surf around fb, without coming across some confessions page. It’s just another trend, like those viral videos of Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake, that spread like worms. The idea behind these confessions page is that everyone feels uncomfortable about certain things and has trouble sharing stuff, holds secrets, and to make them public, one can simply message the page admin, and he’d post whatever the person has to say.
The first such page i came across was the “TWS Sixth Form Confessions” which was limited to a certain organization, and such pages have been appearing ever since, with a rate that is increasing by the day.


Install Komodo Edit 8 on ubuntu 12.10 64 bit

Komodo edit is a code editor and an alternative to notepad++, in fact, its even better, and runs in all 3 i.e. Linux, Mac and Windows. Installing it in linux can be a bit tricky for newbies, so here’s what you need to do.
Download the archive, and extract it wherever you wish, but if you dont wanna complicate things for yourself, just extract them into the home folder.
Open a terminal windows by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T, and navigate to the directory where you extracted the archive. To do so, type:
cd your_directory.
If you extracted it into the home folder, just copy and paste this code:
cd Komodo-Edit-8.0.0-12188-linux-x86_64
Once in the directory, type:
./, and press enter. Now it’ll prompt you for the install directory, which doesnt honestly make much difference, so just leave it blank and press enter. That’s it!


SWAP space/partition – Linux

A swap partition is simply the place from which your computer borrows some memory if it runs out of RAM. The RAM is way faster than the hard disk, but in case you do run out of memory, and are in real need of it, the computer resorts to paging, and borrows some “virtual-memory” from the hard-disk, and in computers running linux, it borrows from the swap partition.


"no root specified" error during ubuntu installation

While installing ubuntu 12.10, when i got to the partition-ing part, i kept on receiving an error saying something like “no root file system is defined.” After countless attempts, i figured out  a solution to this.
Firstly, make sure that the partition where you are installing ubuntu is an ext4 partition, and  dont leave mount point empty. To do so, just double click the partition, and in the box that pops up, select the ext4 journalling file system, and in mount point, just add a single “/”
That’s it! you should be able to proceed now.


Create a free web with 1500mb hosting space and a proper domain name

There are several such services on the cloud that enable you to build a website for free. Some, like my3gb, offer you some hosting space and a subdomain (like, and some also offer a site builder. is an example, that offers a free subdomain, and an awesome site builder.
But most of these services have several limitations, e.g. you cant add more than 10 static pages to a free web made using Webs, and this wont work. To make a proper website, you need some hosting space, and a domain name.
What if i told you that you can get 1500mb, and a domain name, for FREE?
It is possible. is one of those sites that offer u 1500mb hosting space + a subdomain + a site-buillder, and the best thing about it is that they also allow you to associate your exisitng domain name with your 000webhost account,  with a fully featured cpanel, webmail, subdomains e.t.c. it is the closest you can get to real webhosting.
So, hosting, we’l take from 000webhost, and that leaves the domain. offers you a proper free *.tk domain name, for e.g., and yes, this is where we are gonna get a domain name.
Now all you need to do is:

  1. First check whether your desired domain name is available or not, and if it is, register it immediately. Dont worry about the DNS, redirect thing, you can change that later, just complete the signup process.
  2. Sign up for an account on 000webhost, and in the box titled “i want to use my own domain,” write the .tk domain name you just registered.
  3. Once your account is set up, goto the cpanel of your site, and there you’l get a message, asking you to update the nameservers of your domain to To do so, just login to your my dot tk account and go to the domain panel. There you’ll see a list of all the domains you registered on the site, or rather, the only domain youve registered there. 😀
  4. Just click modify, and in the box that pops up, check “Custom DNS.”
  5. Leave the IP addresses empty, and in the host name boxes, write down the nameservers of your 000webhost account. Save the changes, and thats it! you are done.

The process may take a day or so, but once it has completed, this is what you will see when you goto your .tk domain.


Boot SLax through a USB drive

On Feb 18, I posted about Slax – A Plug and Play OS, which is absolutely free, but often, some people who are not much into computers, have trouble installing it. The simple + quick method is:

  1. Download Slax. ZIP or ISO doesnt make much difference but personally, i prefer ISO. (and if u are not sure whether ur computer supports 64 bit or not, just download  the 32 bit version, which is recommended.)
  2. Download and run the Linux Live USB Creator.
  3. Choose the USB key, and select the ISO file.
  4. Persistent data; leave it to the reccommended settings.
  5. Check the options u want, and click on the lightning button to start the process.

That’s it! you are done. Once it has completed, just restart the computer and boot from the  usb. When it asks you for the user name and the password, input the following credentials

  • username= root
  • password= toor