Access Blocked Websites

Often you might have come across websites that have been blocked by your ISP, an example is youtube, which is blocked in Pakistan. To access such websites, you can use a proxy server. There are dozens of sites offering free web proxy; ONLINE. The most popular one is, though in my opinion, the best one is Umer Rock’s Proxy Server.
But using such services can be tiring, the other option is to use some Software,  this one is slightly more preferrable and preferred.
Now, the thing is that not all of the proxy sites and tools work on Youtube. About an year ago I was fine with ultrasurf, but now if i use ultrasurf, i am able to surf Youtube, but it displays an error whenever i try to play a video. Same goes for many others.
If you wanna go for some software, then the best option is to download and install Hotspot Shield. It integrates with your browser automatically, just make sure it is connected.
So, the conclusion is that if u wanna use some online tool, go for Umer Rock’s Proxy Server, but if u wanna use some software, go for Hostpot.


Special characters in windows

You might have noticed people making strange characters like “☺☻♥” on facebook e.t.c. Some of these, take the heart for example, can be Triggered using special codes, in this case, “<3”. But not every single one of them has codes known to public.
Anyways, these characters can be added by pressing Alt + (any key from the num-pad).

  1. alt + 1 = ☺
  2. alt + 2 = ☻
  3. alt + 3 = ♥



Chrome Web Developer Extension

With this handy Web Dev Extension extension, you can totally strip down websites, and modify them. Such modifications include:

  • Disabling, Deleting and addin cookies,
  • Disabling, and editing css,
  • Adding, creating or hiding forms, images, input fields, e.t.c.

Can’t say much here. If interested, try it!