Run Google Chromium OS on VirtualBox

Chromium OS is an open-source, linux-based operating system, designed by google to work with web based applications. Its quite a simple one really, and not the sort everyone would like, in fact, the only application it comes with is a browser (though of course you can install more apps.)
Anyways if you feel like trying it, there are two ways to do so. The first is to download the disk image, burn a usb or dvd with it and boot with it. But if you dont wanna take any risks, you can try it on virtual box. All you need is virtual box, and the Chrome OS Virtual Disk.
The Process is simple. Start Virtual Box and create a new Machine. Select Linux Ubuntu as the OS Type, and when you come to the “Hard Drive” part, check “Use an Existing virtual hard drive file, and browse to the one you just downloaded. That’s it.
Now start the machine, the configuration process would hardly take a minute. Then just login with your google account.



Akismet is a wordpress plugin for reducing spam comments. It works by sending the info left by the commentor, to the Akismet servers, which checks whether the comment is spam or not. And it’s completely free for personal blogs.
Well, as far as i have noticed, every wordpress installation is pre-installed with akismet, You just need to configure it, which would hardly take a minute.
The Process is simple, just sign up at, and you’ll get an API key, once you have got it, goto your dashboard, activate Akismet, and enter your key, which was mailed to you.


Revert Back to the default Cpanel theme

Once while going through the cpanel of my site i came across a tool cause RVSkin. It’s basically a tool that allows you to fully customize the cpanel theme. The only problem with it is that once you activate it, there is no option of reverting back to the original one.
Well, just copy and paste this link into your address bar:

Note: Replace with your own domain, PLUS, this will only work when you are logged into your cpanel.



DOS (Denial of Service) attack.

A DOS(stands for denial of service”) attack is an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users. One common method of doing so is saturating/overloading the machine with external communications requests, such that it cannot respond does slowly. Such attacks usually lead to a server overload.
A few years ago, when Pakistan blocked FB, People seized the opportunity and launched their own social networking sites, and started promoting and advertising them. One of them was pakfacebook, the most popular one.
Well, what happened was that these FB addicts started signing up like anything, as a result of which, most of the sites hung, and wont respond properly.
In general terms, DOS attacks are implemented by either forcing the targeted computer to reset, or consuming its resources so that it can no longer provide its intended service, or obstructing the comm. media so that it cant communicate properly.


Windows RT and Windows 8 PRO

The first release of Microsoft’s Suface Tablet, cost about $499, comes with Pre-installed Windows RT. It is (i assure you) REAL windows, but only just; its more like a Mobile OS. Windows RT has the same interface as the one you get in windows 8 pro, and it fully supports all the windows 8 apps.
But what it does lack, is the support for Desktop apps, Means, you wont get the desktop interface in it, nor will the OS support programs that were designed for previous versions of windows(the desktop ones.) While Windows 8 Pro supports both. Another difference between the two tablets is that the RT one runs on an ARM Processor while the other one uses INTEL.
SO, the main difference between the two is that RT supports only METRO apps, while PRO supports METRO+DESKTOP apps, and runs on a comparatively better processor.


The CASIO pb100.

The CASIO pb100 is an old computer or rather a PROGRAMMABLE CALCULATOR based on BASIC. Supports upto 1kb RAM and requires 2 CR-2032 lithium batteries which are used both as a power source and MEMORY.
It also suppports a tiny DOt Matrix Printer, and a cassette tape interface which when connected to a tape recorder, saves programs on a tape in the form of Audio tones.


Gmail SMS

Login to your Gmail account.
Once the page has fully loaded, look on teh left side of the page.
You’d see a sidebar.
In the lower part of the sidebar, is an input box that says: “Search Chat and sms.”

In that type the number, and ENTER. A box will pop up. Name your contact and select its country.
Now u can chat with him normally

Download stuff using torrents

Ever wondered How people download large Movies and games?
THe answer is quite simple,
THey use torrents.
If you know what they are, and how they are used,
then this post is useless for you,
But if you dont,

then carry on!
Torrents are the data of the target file you need to download. These files contain nothing but the data about the locations of different pieces of the file, available on the web. THis also gives them resume capability, because they download the file bit by bit. I know this sounds strange and confusing, but the method is quite simple.
First of all, to download using torrents, you need a Bit torrent Client. I’d personally recommend Vuze(, or uTorrent (
A bit torrent client is a TORRENT DOWNLOAD MANAGER. So, once u got one, the method is quite simple.
Just goto a torrent website,(there are dozens of them, However, the best one is Isohunt.) and search for the desired content. Choose a torrent and download it. (downloading torrents takes less than a second.) Run the torrent with ur torrent software. Select target folder for the download and proceed.
Your download has started.

Transform Windows XP to 7 in a few small steps.

Tired of running XP? PC not supporting Windows 7? Well, feel like transforming XP into 7? in just a few small steps?
Download True Transparency here:
Download ViGlance here:
Download Styler Toolbar here:
Download Unniversal theme Patcher here:

Extract The Theme files to Windows/resources/themes Extract ViGlance and True Transparency anywhere u want.(no installation required.) Install Styler Toolbar, and before restarting, run the Theme Patcher.
Now u can restart the computer. goto properties, and apply the SEVEN VG theme, then goto my computer and hide the navigation buttons, address bar and activate STYLER TOOLBAR.
For window pane transparency, aero shake, snap e.t.c. run True Transparency. For the Win 7 Super Bar, Run ViGlance.
Note: I know this is not a complete transformation, but this is the best you can do without editing the Registry, dll’s e.t.c. The icons for example are the smae boring ones u get in XP. If you want to change them too, you can download some icon pack. There are dozens of them free online.